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Sunday, October 4, 2009

What Are State Employees And MSEA-SEIU Members Doing About The Economy?

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Union Employees in Maine live in Maine, pay taxes in Maine, and care about Maine. Any attempt to separate Union Mainers from the rest of the State is only an excuse to lie, and to deny the benefits of a good job with respect to the rest of the State.

Governments and government employees, unlike the popular image, do have ideas, good ideas to save money, to serve the public in better faster ways.

Public employee are continuously developing new ideas and offering soulutions for solving expensive and difficult problems.

The great ideas are out there, but there are problems. The best ideas, the money saving ideas, don't get used. Many times they are actively discouraged. Try to find a place for sharing new ideas, and services for government and you will find that the reception is not an enthusiastic as the taxpayer would hope.

The current system in Maine is for State Employees and citizens to turn in suggestions and then be ignored. If the idea would take any money out of a contractor's pockets, or reduce a millionaire landlord's income you can be sure the idea will be killed.

How can the ideas be killed so easily? Doesn't anyone care about saving tax dollars?
The ideas die becuase no input from the public or from State employees allowed if it will ever see the light of publicity.

The legislature protects the vested interests and the Republican side would hire a hundred consultants if it would put two State employees out of work. They would then crow about reducing head count while shaking down the taxpayer.

Today the contracting out committee of MSEA is working with on one simple goal: to shed light on the waste in State Government, to provide a place where ideas for new money saving solutions for government services can see the light of day. We are looking for ways to do our jobs, new ways that are Better, Faster, and Cheaper. We want State Employeesshould be the first place public officials look to learn how to do things better, faster, and cheaper.

The members of contracting out committee take pride in their serving citizens and taxpayers, the same pride anyone feels from doing a good job.

That means we are making an effort to find good ideas from anywhere -- the private sector, other Unions, State Governments, anywhere a good idea can be found. We will get better over time at borrowing ideas from others and making them fit the way things are in Maine.

Finding innovative ideas is more necessary than ever before. It is hard to find time to cull through all of the good ideas out there, to identify valuable ideas and try to get the attention of government. Our tax dollars and our jobs are on the line and this job must be done now.

This committee is dediated to search for those valuable ideas. If you know of waste or fraud in government let someone in the Union know. If you know how to do a job better, or cheaper, or faster, let us have your ideas so we can get the job done.

We will review any idea for improving public-sector services, and we will let the public know when one of your ideas is used to save money or results in the public being served in a better way.

We will be putting together a varied toolbox, from computer research to legal resources and and social networking, everything will be done explore areas from crime control to lines at the registries.

You the reader are the most important element. We encourage those with ideas to improve efficiency or cost effectiveness to share their ideas via blog posts this site, through contacting the Union. The goal we have been given is to create a place where CEOs, legislators, public officials, private citizens, and State Employees can shar what works.

Members of the Maine legislature caught in today's economic mess view their choices as between bad and worse.
They often feel they must decide whether to raise taxes or cut services. There is another way. We can look for solutions. We can look for new ways of doing the public's business, without raising taxes, cutting services or firing public employees in the false money saving claim of reducing head count.

We have less so we must find ways for state and local governments to do more, while spending less. We must reward the development of efficiency and innovation.

That's why we are searching for ideas. The ideas don't need to produce savings in the millions, or in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but they must produce better service for the same price.Enter your Email

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