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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NUHW Admits Failure in San Francisco

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Some in our Union are calling to disaffiliate from SEIU, others are calling names and being hateful about what is an honest disagreement.

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If you want to condemn someone for their opinion then you have no place being in a Union and you have no idea of what a Democracy is.

The following is the SEIU version of one of the battles fought in California between SEIU and UHW. You owe it to yourself to look at all sides of an argument and weigh the truth and the falsehood.

After months of trying to convince San Francisco home care workers to give up SEIU-UHW, NUHW finally admitted today what has been clear to the rest of the world for at least seven weeks: They failed come close to getting the signatures needed for a decertification election among San Francisco home care workers.

The failure to get enough signatures is particularly embarrassing for NUHW because San Francisco is their home base. It has added to internal strife within the group and an exodus of staff seeking other jobs, including many who are trying to come back to SEIU.

Rather than admit it from the start, ousted SEIU-UHW President Sal Rosselli and his followers tried to make San Francisco home care workers believe they had filed a valid decertification petition August 31. When SEIU-UHW members called on them to "come clean" in early September, they refused to admit their inability to get enough signatures. Now they are acknowledging defeat only because the Public Employment Relations Board is about to officially throw the petition out.

"We told NUHW for months that we were happy with SEIU-UHW but they keep on harassing us and trying to divide us. Now it's time for NUHW to just go away and stop trying to weaken us as we fight for better wages and benefits," said Xing Xing Liu, a San Francisco home care worker.

"NUHW has now confirmed what we've known all along. The vast majority of San Francisco home care workers stand united in our union, SEIU-UHW, and want to focus on what matters most: Protecting the home care program for the people we care for. By being united in SEIU-UHW, we were able to stop the cuts to our pay and protect our consumers' hours and services," added Blondell Rice, a San Francisco home care worker.

For seven months, NUHW officials - who were removed from office for, among other things, trying to move $3 million of members' dues money to a bogus non-profit organization for their own purposes - tried to collect signed cards. But despite major help from another labor union, San Francisco workers rejected their appeals

Stay tuned for the NUHW side, you be the judge.

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