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Saturday, October 17, 2009

As Maine Goes Bans Intelligent Discussion

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Scott Fish of As Maine Goes is (in my opinion) a thin skinned, cry baby, whining, hypocrite, on his good days.
Scott, reinstate Gerald and I will make it a headline post.

Today Gerald from DirigoBlue was banned from as maine goes. The thin skinned host was not able to take what he is so willing to dish out by proxy to those on his hit list.

I (the editor of UnonMaine) was previously banned from amg and was only allowed back when the password retrieval system was updated. (Warning! Geek Talk!) Obviously the new system did not inherit the properties of banned.

Please consider whether as a reader of amg who knows this site does not ban anyone whether you can support a site that can not face debate.

Today I was banned from As Maine Goes (+)

by: Gerald Weinand

Sat Oct 17, 2009 at 16:28:30 PM EDT

Today I was banned from As Maine Goes. My offense? This post to a thread I began, The new S4MM ad: more ommissions of important facts:
Aren't any of you upset that your friends Bob Emrich and Scott Fish are playing you for dupes? That they try to make Deb Allen out to be some crazed agent with an agenda, when what she really is is a teacher doing the job she was hired to do? That for the second time they trot out a teacher from a private school without identifying her as such? Haven't you all had enough of this BS?
By not providing the whole truth, Stand for Marriage Maine are lying. To you, and to every one that sees that ad. They are using some of the money you gave them to do so.
Sad, really.
While not telling his readers that I have been banned (my account has been deactivated), Scott Fish, the owner of AMG, wrote:
Gerald - How many times have I personally posted on your web site? Answer: None. How many times I have posted on your web site that you are a liar duping your site readers? Answer: None. Separate from Q1 or any other issue - I'm not, on my own web site, going to be falsely called a liar, I'm not going to have motives attributed to me that have no basis in truth or reality.
Fish (who also screens all those wanting to post there), didn't like that I had accused him of participating in attempts to deceive our fellow Mainers. But I don't think that was the entire reason - allowing me to post there was like allowing an enemy to operate behind the front lines.
And there is no way that Frank Schubert was going to allow that to continue, not when his scams are so easy to refute.
I have been expecting it, and surprised that it has taken so long. Fish is certainly welcome to post here at Dirigo Blue, much like Dan Billings does. I don't pre-screen those that want to join the conversation here.
Evidently at AMG, they only want one side to be heard.
Gerald Weinand :: Today I was banned from As Maine Goes
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I apologize to Gerald at DirigoBlue for the complete copy of his post. This violates fair use but the import of a right wing site being able to and willing to ban debate while whining about being picked on was both too important and too funny to pass up.

Gerald........I will erase this post if I have used anything in any way you disagree with. I will also post a full retraction and apology for anything you feel was inappropriate.

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  1. The AMG editor probably just got sick and tired of the Chicago-style tactics from liberals like Gerald... IMO, it does get old quickly.

  2. Sorry if the Fish can't play with the big boys and takes his football home.
    I was banned for months and I didn't see anyone at AMG speaking up for free speech at that site.

    Here, you get to say what you want. I don't have to agree, just keep it clean and try to be smarter than the average garden slug.

    So far I am lucky with my posters. Maybe I just attract a better crowd.


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