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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SEIU keeps up the fight for State Employees

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 There are a lot of stories about SEIU suing California, fighting for California, and getting Congress to do something for California. SEIU has had tremendous success and put in an amazing amount of effort and money into California.

Read the rest of this post and then you write the rest of the story. Is SEIU a hero, a rescuer, helping State Employees? They have obviously kept the pressure up on the California Governator. Is this what Union is all about or do they have mixed motives? 

You write the rest of the story.

Feds demand answers after EDD furloughs increase unemployment benefits backlog

Updated Oct. 9, 2009
After lobbying from Local 1000, SEIU's national political team in Washington D.C. and a coalition of SEIU locals from around the country, the U.S. Department of Labor has ordered California to demonstrate that its mandatory furloughs are not damaging the federally funded unemployment insurance program administered by the state's Employment Development Department (EDD).

In the Oct. 5 letter, which follows complaints from Local 1000 members and others in the SEIU coalition, federal Regional Administrator Richard Trigg has ordered EDD to submit proof that the effective delivery of unemployment benefits has not been compromised by furloughs. Trigg notes that federal money could be jeopardized if California is not found in compliance with the Social Security Act.

Local 1000 members have pointed out that even before Gov. Schwarzenegger imposed his furloughs scheme, there was a backlog among EDD workers processing unemployment claims and the furlough days have made a bad problem worse.  Because EDD is federally funded, the furloughs of workers there does not save any state General Fund money.  

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