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Monday, October 26, 2009

Democrats trying early for Union support

Come To Maine, See The World

October 25, 2009
Several of the prospective Democratic candidates for governor may be coming to the MSEASEIU convention next week.

Candidates will come to the Samoset resort not just to court the 8,500-dues paying members of MSEASEIU that are State employees.

They are trying to reach the large block of voters that are in other MSEASEIU locals, and the estimated 40 to 50 thousand voters that are family and friends of Union members. 

 Even though the primaries and then the “real” elections are months away, Politicians know Union members vote. 

Along with the candidates for governor several candidates for the house and the Senate are expected also. This was not a closed affair and any candidate from any party was welcome to speak.

So far as is known, the candidates were told that they were not invited to the formal proceedings but only to hospitality rooms. They will be given an opportunity to meet the delegates for the Union, this year an understandably skeptical crowd. 

The candidates don’t seem to mind missing a meal. They want Union votes. They are starting early, and we need to have them hear us. We want to have our ideas and our voices heard and to have a place in their campaigns
Re-enactment of the Gunfight at the O.K.

We may be expecting a parade of politicians including Libby Mitchell, president of the Senate.
The union members have questions for the candidates. There are a lot of questions to be asked in order to judge how labor should measure candidates seeking their votes, their money, and campaign support.
 We will all be popular in the next few months because we have power. We also remember electing John Baldacci, twice, and the lies, the betrayal, and the let down. 

The politicians want our votes and our organization because we influence tens of thousands of votes at once. Our endorsement gives them instant credibility. Our endorsement will get them campaign donations. They want us to enable them to get a running start.
 We cannot give an endorsement to anyone too quickly, some of the current candidates are serving in the current legislature and there are bills in play that affect State employees. Let’s wait and see what these people are willing and able to do.
We should make some demands now. The main test should be the return of our longevity pay. This will be a real test of the dedication and effectiveness of any candidate for any office.
The bill to return our longevity pay is now in play and we should see if their intentions can be matched by their actions.
 That bill should pass immediately if all of the representatives and Senators who said they didn’t understand what happened last year stick to their promises to reverse the theft. One senator, Libby Mitchell is running for governor and is the prime sponsor of the bill to return longevity pay.
The candidates will come to start or to relationships with MSEASEIU and we will have to demand that they promise publicly that they will always be there for us.
A lot of politicians are going to be talking to us and saying the same thing. We have time to watch the current members and before election we will be able to consider their records.
We know what Legislature did for labor last session and they should also promise never to make cuts to the Union workforce without giving us a seat at the table.
I would like to see the candidates promise that regardless of the looming deficit and restructuring in the retirement plan they will not reduce benefits for employees or retirees.
I know there will be an active and vicious Republican push during the next election cycle.
We've got to win this election, and anyone who will not commit to labor deserves to lose.
The import of the legislative races cannot be ignored either. Even if we get a Republican governor, if we maintain both houses, the veto override works.
We must ask questions, demand promises and a public stand in support of labor. We must see that we aren't taken for granted. Our time and our money went to John Baldacci, but this time we must be sure we support people who support us, and stand ready to hold them accountable.
A poll this week showed that Mainers are not committed to any one candidate yet. In the early poll Democrats appeared to be both ahead and behind depending on how you read the numbers. 

In light of this poll and my own beliefs I have cut my list of candidates to 4, errrr, maybe 5. Follow the link later on for a list of all candidates.

  The polling company narrowed the over filled field to four, asking about Democrats Libby Mitchell and Steve Rowe and Republicans Peter Mills and Les Otten.

Even though more people said they were going to vote Democrat, the race for governor does not reflect the Democratic leaning as Mills leads Mitchell 34-31 and Rowe 33-25. 

Otten didn't show a serious challenge against Mitchell or Rowe.

It looks like the undecided vote will swing this election. 

Maybe Five

 Sen. Susan Collins’ chief of staff, Republican Steve Abbott, is considering a run.

You can read the polling company results and analysis at:

Full list of Gubernatorial Candidates at The MaineView:

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