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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Union members want to know

“Why does the Union get involved with politics?”

First a quick note: The MSEA-SEIU convention is on Friday and Saturday October 17 and 18. There will most likely be some dues increase. Before you yell, ask yourself how involved you have been, how much you know about your own Union. The elected delegates will make the best decision they can (I am one) based on what they feel does the most good for the largest number.

There will be an open discussion on dues increases at http://unionmaine.informe.com/

Please remember this is not a Union supported blog.

Every time the MSEA-SEIU endorses a candidate for Federal, or State office some members ask “Why does the Union get involved in politics?” Remember our original name, Maine State Employees Association and think about who votes for you to get a raise or for you to lose your job. Elected State officials have a direct impact on the wages, benefits and working conditions of Local 1989 workers.

Why does the Union only endorse Democrats?

The MSEA does not endorse only from one party, we support political leaders who support Union workers.There are no shadow SEIU bosses telling us who to endorse. The decisions are made by your elected board members. You elect the people that make the decisions.

The Union does not control how candidates answer questions. As a Union our priority must be our members. The governor sets the budget and appoints the top officials in charge of most agencies where we work, as well as the State's contract negotiations team, which negotiates our contract. No matter how the contract talks turn out, in order to have a contract, the Legislature must pass a bill that is then signed by the governor.

When election time comes, do we want to see officials who will try to cut our wages and our jobs? Do you want to be a political football?

We need to elect house and senate members that value Union employees and the services we provide. But we also need to defeat elected officials who don’t support labor and aren't willing to pass a budget that funds the services we provide to keep Maine healthy, safe and strong.

Some politicians don’t like it that thousands of working people can band together and make a difference in political races, so in 2008 during the worst economy in seventy years we must remain aware that we are a target but also that we have the power to help elect state officials who will support a reasonable contract that preserves our benefits and retirement security.

Elected officials will decide your future and this is why Local 1989 supports candidates on the Federal and local levels. Only by electing Union friendly candidates can we win a fair contract.

How do we do that?

Local 1989 members are making calls and knocking on doors in an effort to elect state worker-friendly candidates. Remember that when you get your third call from a Union volunteer, they are working for you. Take a minute to talk. They are emailing and calling their legislators to tell them how they feel and remind them that we vote. You can make a difference just by getting the word out about Union endorsed candidates. Help educate your friends and neighbors so they will elect a labor friendly legislature.
Only by working together can we win a fair contract and get the Legislature on our side.

Local 1989 is building a member-based political program that holds legislators accountable and creates power for working people. The real focus is not Democrat vs. Republican; it is a positive focus on issues that have an impact on Maine’s unionized workforce in local 1989.

Legislation mandates how we do our jobs, how much we are paid, and whether we even have a job so it’s important to elect office holders that will support and stand behind our union.

As a historic election draws near, members throughout the state will continue phone banking and walking to ensure a state worker-friendly Legislature when the new session begins in January.

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