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Fascism is recognized to have first been officially developed by Benito Mussolini, who came to power in Italy in 1922. To sum up fascism in one word would be to say "anti-liberalism".

...............Socialism and Democracy. Political doctrines pass; peoples remain. It is to be expected that this century may be that of authority, a century of the "Right," a Fascist century."

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama Will Win

Obama will win. Here is why

Pundits and Blogs have a million well thought our reasons why one candidate or the other will win. As for the arguments of the right, younger voters do not remember the term “the silent majority” a vast invisible electorate who supposedly approved of killing tens of thousands of Vietnamese.

John McCain will win because the quiet religious voter will stand against gay marriage in California. John McCain will win because according to his own campaign Americans are closet racists and will vote for him because he is not black.

Barack Obama will confiscate all guns.

I am a gun owner. I shoot, I would love to have the $200.00 for a an Alcohol Tobacco background test to own an automatic weapon. Then I would only need to win the lottery in order to take my fully automatic weapon to range.

John Kerry would have won against George Bush if he had not attempted to destroy the second amendment. Barack Obama is not an ignorant liberal. He is not a “liberal regardless of cost” politician. I think the NRA (I belong) will have to eat its words on this Democrat.

Barack Obama will be the next president.



Obama’s supporters believe the cost of loss is too high to bear and will get out and vote.

Obama supporters are aware and motivated Obama supporters don’t see their vote as the weary, defensive choice of the lesser of two evils, but as the chance to create a better future.


Obama planned ahead and can’t be beat on his ground game.

Obama’s neighborhood campaign is better than any Democratic candidate has ever run. His attraction is personal, and deep. He is not using Unions, and other interest groups, instead he has been recognized as the candidate that represents the middle class. He knows who we are and has proved it by his use of the net, e-mail, and social networking. leaving McCain’s staff looking bewildered.


Depth and Width of support.

Regan Democrats who want a better life for everyone. Republicans were lied to or given incompetent candidates will stay home because they can not support a candidate who has no ideas left and only runs against his opponent.


Obama’s, millions of dollars from small donors allowed him to get the message out on radio, TV and the internet.


Name Amnesia.

I knew John McCain, and you are no John Mcain. No one recognizes McCain any more.

If the torture and the Vietnamese could not break John McCain how could Carl Rove and the worst of the Republican Party?

The driver of the straight talk express left the command seat and let the out of control radical base that does not truly represent the real American values become the driving force behind almost all of the hijacked Republican Party


In 2000 John McCain earned respect . In 2000 Idid not agree with him but I thought he was running for what he believed in.


The disasta from Alaska.

McCain wanted to run with a VP that truly reflected his “reach across the aisle” philosophy but the desperation and lack of leadership shown by McCain when he lsot control when his supporters “refused” to allow him to make his own choice for VP destroyed his image as a leader. His decision to accept Palin was a major reason that his image tarnished. Giving in to the radical right was the first real time both desperation and a willing to sell out were so obvious.

The choice of Sarah Palin was a major reason given by Colin Powell and several conservative writers and newspapers as a reason to support Obama.


Obama looks like the man you wanted to be President.

Cool, aware, calm, and focused. Obama had set a direction and stayed with it during his whole campaign. Americans respect a leader. McCain looked like an angry, frustrated, also ran when his supporters wanted to see a real take charge leader.

The unprecedented discipline and the high road taken by the Obama campaign showed his leadership skills. Obama could have struck back angrily with the story of McCain’s campaign co-chair Rick Renzi, appointed to be co-chair of McCains campaign while he was under indictment, but he stayed cool and unruffled. Renzi was indicted in February and facing trial but the Obama campaign did not stoop to guilt by association The Obama campaign discussed the issues. You did not hear that one of McCain’s good friends G. Gordon Liddy, urged his radio listeners to "go for a head shot" if federal agents came to take their guns away” Liddy provided the Obama campaign cheap shot the candidate refused to take. Liddy could have been easy, free, air time, but Obama kept cool and stuck with his message of “change”, while McCain kept zig zagging and changing messages let Obama easily do a far better job of looking presidential than the twitchy, elderly, frail looking, McCain.


George Bush’s ghost haunted McCain every step.

McCain couldn’t run fast enough to get away from George Bush. No matter what he did the facts kept haunting him. He had supported Bush for eight wrong years.


No bad news for Obama, bad news for McCain

Things stayed quiet thisl year on the terror and national security fronts.

The economy tanked. McCain had depended on his warrior status to propel him to the Whitehouse while Americans cried "Save me". Instead McCain’s obvious weakness in economics when Americans couldn’t buy gas and were losing their homes to executives floating down o golden parachutes damaged his tax cut appeal.

I respect John McCain for who he was and what he did.

I am sad that I can only feel pity for a fallen hero, rather than pride. McCain earned his right to stand proudly before America and ask for support. It is so sad that his party destroyed this heroes chance in 2000 when he stood on principle. It is even more sad when the fallen heroes desperation leads him to betray his own ideals.

More on why McCain will Lose

The main two reasons the Republicans are losing are McCain and Palin.

It would be a different world if McCain had selected a running-mate, like Romney or Olympia Snowe…………..

After McCain started his run for president he sold out (principle-wise) to get the backing of the right wing of the Republican Party.

His lust for the presidency overrode his better nature.

He listened to "Dittoheads", Fox News, Hannity, Limbaugh, and O'Reilly.

McCain moved to the far (wacko) right. McCain threw his true principles aside to campaign for the White House.

Obama says, "We can do better”, giving hope, while McCain wanted to “stay the course”.

Did he think choosing Sarah Palin would help him?

I can not understand why anyone works for their paycheck, sweating would consider supporting the Republican Party.

We won’t be fooled again.

Early voting will put Obama over the top.

Eight more years of the same was just too much for the American public.

Unlike the Republican perception, voters can tell truth from lies.

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