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Monday, October 20, 2008

Big Union Win for SEIU in Oregon

First in the Nation!

Oregon workers sign Historic Adult Foster Care Agreement

Adult foster home care providers represented by Local 503 of the SEIU negotiated a first in the Nation agreement with the State of Oregon.
The settlement, reached after seven months of bargaining, covers about 2,000 professional providers who care for up to five clients as well as 1,500 individuals who care for relatives in the Medicaid-funded adult foster care program.
Adult Foster Care Providers Bargain

The program is seen as efficient, (meaning it saves money for the State) and humane, providing a lower-cost and more personal alternative to institutional care.
Editor: In so many cases over and over the Unions prove that Union labor is less expensive and more efficient than huge for profit corporations. It would seem that someone should notice. In Maine we are looking for any information about contracting out that could be done more efficiently by State employees. If you have any ideas send them to NarsBars@UnionMaine.Org

The agreement follows legislation signed in July 2007 recognizing the providers' right to organize, executive orders signed by the Governor certifying SEIU 503 as bargaining agent for both groups of providers after majorities signed cards in support of representation by the local, and funding voted by legislators in a special session in February 2008.

Without the increases some providers said they could no longer afford to stay in the program.
"Since 2007, we have banded together as a union, speaking out with one voice for dignity-for ourselves and for our residents," the committee wrote to adult foster care providers. "Instead of facing decisions thrust upon us, now we can be decision makers. We are not alone now, but standing together, working together to improve standards of care for our residents and improve our own quality of life."

If approved the agreement gives a $260 per client per month increase in service fees, plus a 2.1% cost of living increase.The union also won a new training program, a grievance procedure, and a provision for pre-placement planning, ensuring providers appropriate information before clients are placed in their homes. In March New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine signed an executive order making New Jersey the second state to recognize an adult foster home care providers union.Negotiations are under way there.

How about making Maine the third State to recognize Adult Foster Home Care Providers?

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