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Fascism is recognized to have first been officially developed by Benito Mussolini, who came to power in Italy in 1922. To sum up fascism in one word would be to say "anti-liberalism".

...............Socialism and Democracy. Political doctrines pass; peoples remain. It is to be expected that this century may be that of authority, a century of the "Right," a Fascist century."

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Monday, October 27, 2008

John McCain sworn in, suffers stroke, Palin takes office

John McCain wins!
This seems like a slimmer and slimmer chance. McCain's only real hope is for Democrats to think they have won. We need every vote; we need every phone banker, every lawn sign, and every volunteer.

Make no mistake voter suppression has not gone away. I don't believe in an organized campaign but I do believe in hundreds of Republicans without honor, each seeing themselves as history makers by just knocking off a few Democratic votes. We need every vote, every voter, we won't be over confident, we can't stay home. Why will the Democrats win? Because the headline saying John McCain wins is just too bad to contemplate.

Can you see your campaign flashing before your eyes, John? Time is running short, the past few months must be flashing by quickly.

While I hope for an Obama-Biden landslide, to save the country and thousands more lives, and for the joy of seeing the crying and howling of talk show pundits, the babbling confusion of the right wing nuts, and the payback for the opportunistic "Democrats" like Joe Lieberman who has enjoyed a an undeserved position of power for years.

I am proud to be labeled an Obama maniac and proud to stand with Obama-Biden.
With enough new seats in Congress an Obama Presidency will mean a more caring government. Make no mistake, some programs will be cut. The first program to be cut will be the "No Billionaire left behind" program.

Hopefully Billionaires will be given the same "opportunity" that Bush gave the middle class...none. With no extra favors they will be forced to pull themselves up by their thousand dollar boot straps and sink or swim based on talent and skill rather than tax breaks and corporate welfare.

Under a President Obama nations abroad will see a unified United States and perhaps we will face fewer enemies abroad.

There will be no Jack in the Box miracles. Four years may not be enough to completely cure the damage eight years of neglect and incompetence have done to the U.S. but I am hopeful that President Obama will keep his promises, foreign policy, arguably the most important.

At the worst the risk of damage to our country is far less than when thinking about a "stay the course" McCain-Palin administration flushing the country directly down the the septic system.
The many endorsements of Obama like Colin Powell and many ex-Republicans have strengthened the hope believers in the American election process that this time the winner of the election will be sworn in the following January, but no one I know is willing to stay home on election day.

We are hoping but we won't make the mistake of sitting back and coasting. The fear of another Diebold election, another Florida, and even worse a Bush appointed Supreme Court deciding the next election mixed with the current reports of voter suppression aimed at Democrats in 2008 doesn’t leave any room for smugness.

Joe Klein of Time magazine says Obama "seems a grown-up, in a nation that badly needs some adult supervision." It is not the citizens that need or even want supervision, it is the spoiled brats like Dick Cheney "a new branch of government" Cheney that need to be made to stop treating our government and our Constitution like one of their toys to be broken when they are mad or ignored when inconvenient.

Almost single handedly Obama organized the best campaign anyone has seen in decades with the help of numbers of volunteers not seen in thirty or forty years.

Quoting the New York Times "After nearly two years of a grueling and ugly campaign, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois has proved that he is the right choice to be the 44th president of the United States.", "Mr. Obama has met challenge after challenge, growing as a leader and putting real flesh on his early promises of hope and change."

Barack Obama has run a disciplined and amazingly effective political and electoral machine. He beat Hillary Clinton, no amateur; he appears to be beating John McClain. Is this discipline and focus proof of the ability to be president? John McCain has been in Washington for twenty six years. Is his campaign filled with flip flops and venom, not to mention Sarah Palin, proof of the ability to be president?

We hear about Obama changing his position on withdrawal. The complaints about Obama changing his position show us that Republican don't change their mind regardless of the facts and a changing world. if Barack Obama had his way, there would never have been a war in Iraq. No war, no lost war. No dead troops.

The right tries to make a negative of Obamas coolness under attack, as if self control is a negative and shouting "bring it on!" is the American way. Self control will be needed if and when U.S. interests are threatened and then self control will be an asset to the nation, but Obama will not feel the need to create false attacks on the U.S. in order to win an unneeded war.

John McCain didn't turn away, he didn’t shirk what he saw as his duty. He feels he must win the war at any cost. He sees this as his duty. It is a shame that a man who may be called a Patriot can also be a man with no vision, and if the ability to end a war based on lies is considered a weakness then I pity John McCain.

A soldier told McCain after a speech in Woodbridge, Virginia, after giving McCain his Purple Heart, "we want you to keep your promise to bring us home in victory and honor, so it will mean something. " Not putting that soldier in a war based on lies would have meant more to America and more to the mothers of four thousand dead..

That decision would have taken true bravery and Barack Obama showed that bravery in his vote against the war.
I know that Barack Obama will be more responsible regarding Iraq and foreign affairs as president than John McCain has been as a senator. He opposed the war, he opposed the surge that is the pride of the right but he alone can not pull one hundred fifty thousand soldiers out of a war created over the last six years without caring for those troops.

Barack Obama did not create this war, but he will do what is needed to protect our troops, and he will be forced to work with what is, not with how it would have been without George Bush.

When dealing with foreign threats, he will follow his beliefs and protect America while gaining back the respect we have lost in the world. He will not say "Bring it on!" yet if he must enter us into a conflict I trust him to win it for us.

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