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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Killer Plant Life

Not since the first movie about the alien pods has plant life been such a danger to human life on this planet.
There is a new policy in DHHS offices. A policy was issued that placed all living plants on the endangered species list. In DHHS offices there will be no living things with the exception of the public, the employees, and helper animals. You can have flowers, but they must be taken home at the end of the day.

DHHS declared plant life to be the cause of insects, mold, mildew, and just maybe they are out to destroy the American way. After all none of the fern plants I know can even speak English.

Also on the endangered list is respect for employees. There was no discussion over the thousands of well done research papers proving the benefits of plant life in the office. The psychological benefits are unarguable. A living plant can bring a smile during the hardest of winters with the promise of spring, or a small flower in December. Possibly a rabid pit bull Chia Pet savaged someone and it has been hushed up. Maybe a corn plant has been stalking someone. Many plants absorb formaldehyde and numerous poison gasses, yet the plants are banned, but not the materials that produce these poisons. Did anyone mention oxygen? I have a nasty habit of breathing every day and plants help to feed my addiction.

I am certain this came about as the result of a valid complaint. Someone was allergic, or an employee did not maintain a clean work area. Management has a responsibility to deal with these problems and has the authority to make sure those solutions are carried out. There are many methods available to management that could have been used to take care of problems without dropping a nuke.
Rather than than deal with the situation on an individual basis DHHS ignores the benefits to hundreds, even thousands of employees who are working in cube farms under artificial light breathing dead air that is filled with so called acceptable levels of outgassed poisons from our plastic, rugs, and ancient air systems in decrepit buildings.

Was this done to help employees? Obviously not, because if it was to help employees then the harm done to so many would have had to be weighed. Did anyone tell DHHS that we have long winters? That it gets dark early after October? If there are any employees out there that suffer from seasonal affective disorder you may want to consider requesting an accommodation. There are a lot of doctors that would agree with you.

It is not just this policy, but the lack of thought behind it that shows employees how little they are respected by top of management. This policy was put in place due to a lack of leadership and an inability to work with employees. If my neighbor were bothered by my plant I would be happy to get rid of the offending growth and maybe ask if there was another plant that the co-worker liked. State employees respect the public and respect each other and would not willingly cause pain to a co-worker or a member of the public. There was no discussion, no comprimise, just a cold killing policy. The sad thing is that they probably have no idea that there was a rational way to deal with the situation.
P.S. If you have a fish, it goes too, but artificial, outgassing, petroleum wasting, fake plasic plants are just fine.

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  1. Don't forget compost. It is a shame on DHHS for restricting plants from the worksite. Plants provide so much to workers and improves the work environment. There are ways to avoid contamination to those with alergies.


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