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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First negotiations team members to be elected on July 19.

I am running to represent Pro-Tech as one of the four negotiations team members. I have worked on two previous contracts and I want to do it again. My Union brothers and sisters many of whom are long retired and gone to their reward (maybe in Florida) have made it possible for me to have a good job and to be able to raise my family. When I was ill I had sick time, I had income protection because of our Union. I want to do whatever I can do to pay you back and to make it possible for future employees to have a secure job.

Below is the 100 word Statement I sent in to the Union on my application to become a team member. Under that is the description of what that member promises to do. If you know me then you should sign up for the bargaining committee before July 16, either to elect me or to elect someone you feel is more qualified. To be involved you must attend the next meeting where the first team member for each unit will be elected. Don't come for one meeting to elect me or to elect another member. Come because you plan to keep coming and be a part of the process that will shape our next contract. Other Pro-Tech members and former team members will also be running for that first slot and they all have the best interests of Pro-Tech and all Executive Branch employees as their motive for running. You owe it to yourself to hear them all and to make a choice. Please don't just let someone else make it for you.

If you don't become involved you give up your right to complain.

I want to represent pro-tech because I have fought for Union members during my whole career and I want to keep fighting!

I have experience. I have fought the State and won.

I have worked on this coming contract since before we signed the last contract. I drive friends crazy talking Union, Contract, Proposals and Strategy.

Times are tough. We need skill and experience to get the best possible contract. I want to work for you.

There is never enough money so we must compromise with other units, but my first interest will be to do the best for Pro-Tech.

Negotiating Team Job Description and Duties
Negotiating Team members must be willing to make a personal commitment to the process. Negotiations will include working long hours, nights, weekends and will entail personal sacrifice in order to obtain the best contract for the members they represent.
Negotiating Team members must also be able to make tough choices, sometimes including sacrificing issues that are personally important to them. Dropping proposals is not easy but is sometimes necessary to achieve an agreement. Team members must also commit to be unified in support of whatever agreement or decision is presented to membership by the team.
The Negotiating Team:
• Surveys the membership for proposals
• Performs research on the proposals
• Formulates initial proposals based on input from members and staff
• Maintains the flow of information to/from Contract Action Team
• Makes decisions on positions, proposals, and related negotiation strategies
• Defines and redefines negotiating priorities
• Assess and reassess negotiating strategies for the negotiating table and workplace actions
• Takes part in the actual bargaining with management -- sits at the table
• Is present at all negotiations sessions and caucuses
• Speaks at table on issues when necessary
• Provides direction to/from the Contract Action Team through the worksite communication network
• Focuses power of membership on maintaining the negotiating objectives for maximum pressure on the employer
• Presents the tentative agreement to membership with recommendation of ratification or defeat
Uses their knowledge and notes from negotiations to ensure that the contract is respected and enforced.

Any member is invited to send me questions. I will do my best to answer them in an open post. Let me know if you want your name printed or not. I will respect your wishes. NarsBars@UnionMaine.Org or click on the comments link at the bottom of this post.

Any member from any bargaining unit running to be a member of the negotiations team is invited to post comments or their own statement on why they are running. Send me an email and I will post it here.


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  1. My name is Sharon Carroll and I am also running for the Pro Tech Bargaining Team. I have served on Bargaining Committees since 1986. I have been a team member on both Administrative Services and Pro Tech since 1990. I have served as Pro Tech Team Leader for the last 2contact sessions. I bring experience, knowledge of the contract and institutional memory to the table. I am currently the President of the Penobscot Chapter and a Chief Steward. I work as an ASPIRE Case Manager at the Bangor DHHS Office. I have served on most of the committees thru MSEA and have held elected positions on the Board of Directors, Finance Committee and Bargaining Team. I would appreciate any support that people would like to offer.

    Also, please sign up for the Bargaining Committees, which ever unit you work under, or sign up to be worksite contacts so we can keep people updated on the negotiations. Thanks.


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