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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Admin Bargaining Unit Candidate

I am glad to introduce Kathryn Latulippe, candidate for the Admin bargaining unit negotiations team. During the last contract and for the two years since Kathryn has worked to do her best for your unit and her best for all MSEA employees.. She knows how to work with other units and during long and hard contract talks she never lost sight of the people who sent her to bargain for them. I have worked with Kathryn, and I wholeheartedly endorse her for the team. Her Experience, and her heart are what we all need.

My name is Kathy Latulippe and I am interested in sitting on the Negotiation team for the Administrative Services Bargaining Unit. I have been on the last three contracts and have been on the Contract Committee. I am a 6 year Past President of the Gardiner Chapter, a 6 year (term limited) Board member representing Area II. I am also a Steward. I have sat on many Labor Management teams within current and past departments, as well as a state wide committee. While on the Board I served on many of the MSEA standing committees. I have a diverse experience level that will be an asset to the team. I am looking for your support to devote my time and energy to a contract that will benefit our membership.

I encourage you to sign up for the Bargaining Committee. As a member, becoming involved is a great way to voice your concerns and learn what fellow members are doing on your behalf and to work for changes that you see are needed. It is rewarding work.

Kathryn will never brag or talk about the years working for her members. She knows how to reach across the table to Pro-Tech, OMS, and Supervisory. She will work for you. I am proud to have her as a friend.

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