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Fascism is recognized to have first been officially developed by Benito Mussolini, who came to power in Italy in 1922. To sum up fascism in one word would be to say "anti-liberalism".

...............Socialism and Democracy. Political doctrines pass; peoples remain. It is to be expected that this century may be that of authority, a century of the "Right," a Fascist century."

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pretending to sound like a Republican

I try to be fair and present topics in an even handed manner. The following is an opinion piece driven by the disgust I have over knowing that Carl Rove is trying to steal another election from America. Everything in this post is presented as my opinion and only my opinion. If you agree, great, if you don't...........................the dotted line is supposed to represent a short pier.


I am not going to be accused of being too subtle like many of my Democratic friends.

I was for the bridge, before I was against it. I am against pork but I kept the bridge money anyway said Sarah Palin. John McCain took tens of thousands of dollars in illegal contributions and said “oops”. John McCain dumped his faithful wife after she waited years for him, after he found that she had been in an accident and was no longer the beauty she was. First he cheated on her, and then he dumped her. McCain lied about his cheating before the facts came out.

Can you say moral majority? He is so out of touch with America that he thinks it is OK to forget how many houses you have. She took payments from her state to work at home. She says she loves and respects her husband. Well he thought Alaska should secede from the U.S. She still loves him.

If you are a woman she does not think you have the right to control your own body. If you get raped and beaten by an AIDS carrying psychopath she would lock you in a barn and force you to have the child

If Sarah McCain’s Palin says Obama and any other words the other words are lies or meant as sarcasm. She and McCain are both constant liars. Political advertising has sunk to a new low, thanks to McCain, Palin, and here in Maine Susan Collins, by the way, she is a liar too. Claiming to vote for Maine when she has been a tongue hanging out, tail wagging, fetch the ball, lapdog for George Bush. Did I mention that she is a liar?

McCain says Obama will raise your taxes. If you can commute to work on a private jet or yacht your taxes will go up. If you are worried about the cost of gas, your taxes will go down.

McCain says he will lower your taxes. Well if you get any health care at all from your employer he is going to tax those benefits in order to pay for the tax cuts for the rich. Any Union member voting for McCain should use their benefits while they still have them for a psychiatric exam.

Local lies.

Susan Collins promised to serve only two terms. Susan Collins lied. We owe it to her to help give her the strength to keep her word. She said in an interview that she had talked to Union members during an organizing campaign. She lied or had so little concern for labor that she couldn’t remember where or when.

She said she doesn’t like third party ads...

She has not disavowed the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, the out of State money behind the campaign of anti-union ads that has been on constantly since the spring.

The ads claim that they are on the air to help protect workers right to vote. When was the last time a Wal-Mart employee got to vote on working conditions? Only Union members get to vote!

I am insulted not only as a Union member but more importantly as a Mainer. The fat cats don’t think Mainers have the ability to look beyond the lies and question the motive.

These ads are paid for by groups that have fought Unions since the New Deal. Billionaires and poor millionaires trying to take back the time when the boss was “The Man” and if you crossed “the man” you lost everything, maybe even your life.

It is not just a matter of money it is a matter of raw power, “the man” can not stand to share power with anyone.

The amount of money spent during the last fifty years on political influence could have paid for the benefits and working conditions that Unions have fought for.

What is the immediate goal? They think that all Mainers including rank and file Union members are dumber than a box of rocks. They think if they tell you enough lies long enough you will fall for it. I have more confidence in Mainers than that.

If they were more honest in the ads they would tell you that the real intent is to save you from voting on a contract, or a health care plan. They want to save you the worry of wondering what to do with the raise you and your Union negotiated for you. They want you to sit down, shut up, and let the smart guys (them) make all the decisions. You will pay all the taxes. You will be on the bottom of a two level outhouse enjoying trickle down economics. You will finally be able to relax knowing that the economy will get so much better that even more will trickle down. You will jump for joy knowing that you have enabled the government to stop taxing the billionaires.

Unions have historically backed Democrats. This November the Republicans only have one goal. They must keep the Democrats from reaching 60 Senators because if they don’t it won’t matter even if McLiar and Paliar get elected the congress can’t be stopped by just a few Republicans selling their souls for oil money.

The ads are well done, what do you expect from a company that even took on Mothers Against Drunk Driving? The whole ad is based not on interpretation, but lies. The Employee Free Choice Act, which Allen and most major U.S. unions’ support, does not deny members the option of secret balloting in contract votes. It would strengthen legal protections for workers and put penalties in place for illegal firing of employees or illegal threats made against employees.

I won’t argue that Union leaders sometimes abuse their power of members. One of the ads says 2000 claims and then 600 indictments. That means that seven out of ten accusations are thrown out immediately. The ad never says how many convictions. The ad never says that over thirty thousand employees were to receive back pay in 2005 due to illegal actions by crooked employers.

That is over thirty thousand convictions against employers.

The ad is full of lies. Oh yeah, and more lies...

Electing politicians who support the Employee Free

Choice Act won't get you a raise in a week. Electing the wrong politicians will guarantee that employers and investors will get even more power. If they want to ship your job to China they will make you train your replacement and then kick you out the door. Remember the term YoYo economics when you think Republican. They will kick you out the door, they will bail out the millionaire investors in Wall Street failures, but when your kids need help YoYo, you’re on your own.

While the ads focus on the method Americans use to choose to join a Union, a method called majority vote, they don’t tell you that when they are trying to bust a Union they can come to your house, threaten your job, and then only need three out of ten votes to force an expensive decertification campaign. This technique has been used over and over in order to force dues money into the pockets of Union busting lawyers and keep it out of the hands of the members it belongs to.

A strong Union is a strong political force, a force that could throw the bums out. Fear and greed, hate for democracy, and while they picture themselves scraping you off the bottom of their shoes as something they stepped in they can wipe their shoes off with hundred dollar bills.

Just remember they fought family leave, collective bargaining, the forty hour week, safe working conditions and tried fought off an increase in the minimum wage any time they were in control.

Sept. 14 update: Maybe you think Susan Collins loves the working class because she has tried to get work to the Bath shipyards. How does that square with the fact that she would let John McCain tax every health care dollar those workers earn? She would let their pay be cut by an effective ten to twenty percent. The shipyard owners would still make money, but the minds, muscle, and sweat that build those ships would be punished for not being rich.

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