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Monday, September 1, 2008

Employee Free Choice Act and the real Union Thugs

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The employee free choice act is the subject of a series of slick vicious lying ads.

The real problem is not the lies; the problem is that they are so well done that voters that are not familiar with the E.F.C.A. could be taken in by the lies.

The current ad makes a point of showing a “union thug” scaring an old lady into signing a card check form. Union thugs are going to be forcing other workers into signing these forms. I work with a lot of Union members many of whom are women over sixty years old. Many of these women are active in the Union as stewards and as organizers and have been involved it many organizing campaigns so it is only logical to think that they will be at the front lines when it comes to bringing the truth to unorganized workers.

I started trying to picture how this would play out in an attempt to organize a group of truck drivers or loggers.

Is this what the well paid out of state money is trying to tell us to be afraid of? Granny black belt?

This is the first of a series of short articles on the E.F.C.A.

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  1. The propaganda about union thugs is absurd. Workers have been attacked by company thugs for years, threatened and fired from their jobs for trying to organize unions. Corporations are far more powerful than unions. Passing the Employee Free Choice Act would simply bring some balance to the big business dominance of the past 27 years.


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