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Friday, September 26, 2008

Live Blogging the debate

Sorry, this is written while listening. No filters, no planned writing. This is the way I heard it.

John McCain continues to defend tax cuts to the rich. Obama makes a mistake, he counters right wing ideology with intelligence. McCain says he is a maverick and his support of George Bush proves his point. When asked about his tax plan he says that he will tax any employee paid health care benefits and calls it giving you a choice. I am waiting for Obama to ask John McCain about his laughing at any "buy American" program. Obama says that if we know where Osama BinLaden is we shoudl take him out. McCain says no. McCain says he supported the first Gulf war, but he opposed Somalia. I guess oil was more important than genocide. John M continues to say that our army is begging to stay in Iraq and Afghanistan until they win. So far the Republican has no definition of what winning is.

Obama makes the point that we forgot Afghanistan, BinLaden, and just rushed to war with Iraq.
Sen. McCain say that Iran and nukes is a threat to Israel and makes an obvious play to the pro Isralei vote. Oh yeah, they did both brush buy the $700,000,000 (how many zeroes?) but both candidates must have thought this was too complicated for the voting public.

Obama's intelligence does seem to miss the gut level impact of the McCain answers. McCain says the boogey man will get us ifwe don't fund the military at the cost of all other programs.

Obama say he reserves the right to meet with whoever he thinks he wants to if he believes it will serve the United States. McCain says that (my take) do it our way or we don't talk.

Obama says that in talks we need to claim the high ground. We sit down, we talk, and then we have it out.

John McCain hits back hard it looks like a hard shot to the jaw.

The seven hundred Billion sure seemed to go by fast.

J.M. says that Russia's behavior in Georgia is not acceptable, but offers nothing except a claim that we will stand for Georgia (hear WWIII?).

The lack of understanding of Russia shown by JM is amazing. We will just face them down and be tough. What the hell can we do? We have no standing, after attacking Iraq we say don't attack a country? Obama recognizes that Russia is making a comeback. Obama says we have to plan for a world wher Russia has a huge proportion of the old world oil assets. Obama says we must be independent from foreign energy.

JM, Drill, Drill, Drill, ignoring science and the amount of oil that is really there.

Question? Another 911

JM We are safer, and quotes Liberman, his first choice for VP that his handlers would not let him choose. We won't torture, we must work with our allies, WE ARE SAFER, WE ARE SAFER.

Obama: We are safer, but we have not done enough, we have done nothing to prevent suitcase nukes, and then returns to the root. We must chase Alqaeda, not Iraq, not other topics.

Obama: The administration has spent eight years in Iraq, we have ignored China buying the country, we have ignored Afghanistan, our economy, science. Obama makes the point that if our economy tanks how the BLEEEEEP can we provide veteran benefits or even support our military.

JM: I'll support veterans, I'll keep us safe.

In the past the US inspired the world. Our ideals, our leadership inspired the world. We need to recapture those ideals.

JM: I can help veterans.

Both candidates spoke well, both presented their viewpoints well.
I rate this debate as a tie. The debate could have been an Obama smackdown but he stayed away from the strongest feeling of many in the country. Americans are afraid of losing their homes, not taking care of their kids.

This was supposed to be a JM advantage for foreign relations. Obama held his own.
This is the way it is supposed to be, we need to know wher they are coming from.

Looking forward to the next one.

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