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Fascism is recognized to have first been officially developed by Benito Mussolini, who came to power in Italy in 1922. To sum up fascism in one word would be to say "anti-liberalism".

...............Socialism and Democracy. Political doctrines pass; peoples remain. It is to be expected that this century may be that of authority, a century of the "Right," a Fascist century."

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Eight Years


Iowa nurse and SEIU member Connie Gallagher sent a “Dear John” letter to Senator John McCain, asking him to give a clear answer at Friday’s scheduled presidential debate regarding what victory in Iraq means to him, and when he will bring our troops home.

“Dear John,

“I am a hospital nurse here in Iowa, and I spend my days taking care of people in some of their greatest hours of need. I care for people when they are sick and when they are hurt. And I also care for their families who are themselves sick - with worry for their loved ones and anxiety about how they are going to pay for the medical bills.

“Health care coverage is critically important to a healthy life and a healthy family. You would think that since I am on the front lines of healthcare it would be easy for my family to find affordable healthcare coverage, but this is often not the case. It was certainly not the case for my son James.

“James was a plumber’s apprentice making $10 an hour with no benefits. He was frustrated that after two years he was still making such a low wage with no healthcare access. One day, he surprised me when he told me he had joined the National Guard.

“I tried to stop him. I thought he shouldn’t give up on a career he had spent so long working on and I was worried about him being sent to Iraq. But he wanted to serve his country—and he’d have access to healthcare.

“James served 16 months in Iraq. Thank God, he came home to us last August. But one of the major reasons he went to war and put his life on the line was to get healthcare. Nobody’s child should face this decision, especially in a war that was started on a lie and has been continued for years with no end in sight.

“There has been a lot of talk about what success in Iraq looks like. But what is success for you? When will you bring our sons and daughters home? And what about the money that we are wasting there, that could be used to fix the problems we all have here?

“No mother should have to sit up nights like I did worrying if they are going to get a knock at the door saying something has happened to their child.

“Senator McCain, will you finally stand up and answer these questions for mothers like me?”

I found the flag picture at a blog that does not seem to be doing much posting any longer, but what a picture. Found at http://falafelsex.blogspot.com/
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