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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Over Paid, Under Worked, Lazy Bloodsuckers.

E.T.I. 2009

Did you read the K.J. on Wed. June 27? The title of this article describes some of the nicer things State employees were called in the comments to the K.J.

The thing that scares me is that the people that hate State employees are organized, effective, vocal and involved. They are on web sites, call in shows, and they write to their legislators.
How many State employees can say the same? I am predicting right now that inside of a year the legislature will be trying to get your health care and benefits. They attacked the N.H. SEIU.
The SEIU in N.H. said GREAT! two 5% raises! The math says that after you deduct what they will pay in health care and deductibles they maybe got two 1% raises. I keep saying "They are coming to get you!" The MSEA protected what was important. Our main motto is "No give backs!" They really are coming to get you.

The comments about State employees are vicious, and destructive. The fact that the comments are ignorant, uninformed and lies is not the real problem.
The real problem is that this is a well thought out campaign to tell Mainers if only they punished State employees all their troubles would go away. The fear of paying all workers what they are worth is what is fueling the campaign to brand anyone with a good job and any benefits as the reason for someone else's problems. Your employer treats you like SH**, so hurt someone else! Your employer won't provide benefits, so it must be the fault of a State employee. I am so sorry for the people that fall for this that it is depressing. I see hard working Mainers struggling to feed families while Wall to Wall Mart becomes the biggest corporation on earth and says it can't afford to pay a good wage or any benefits. Mickey D works assistant managers 100 hours a week and can't afford to pay a living wage. All they want is someone to blame other than their own dried up, blood sucking, selfish, selves. Remember that when someone calls you a shovel leaner. They have been sold lies and hate. Tell them that you think they deserve a good job and they should be able to take care of their families, but they won't get it hurting someone else.
Ask them if every State employee were to have there benefits stopped tomorrow and their pay cut to minimum wage if their boss would give them a raise and benefits the next day.

There are a lot of people in Maine without benefits or good working conditions. Every year corporate profits rise, even in Maine the big companies do well. They are afraid that someone will lift the rock and see what crawls out. One of my republican legislators has a dad that was a State employee and he at least answers my calls. The other legislator is a business owner, very well off. Do you think that business pays the same benefits and health care the legislator gets?
Than legislator has never answered one call or one not one email.

This site needs over 450 more people to sign up in the next five months. No 500, no site.

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