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Monday, June 4, 2007

I don’t need the Union, they don’t do anything for me.

FAIR SHARE! Sometimes you just have to scream. I work with a non-member that told me “I will join when I see the Union do something for me” Last year the non member got a four grade increase through the Union developed FJA process. I helped to write the FJA. I asked the non member to join today saying that the Union had just saved them $90.00 a month and a $2000.00 deductible on health care. I mentioned some of the other things like an alternative work schedule that may allow the non member to have three day weekends with their family that some will qualify for if the contract passes. I was laughed at. I don’t want income protection the fair share payer said, I get my health care without the Union and I don’t want to work four ten hour days to get three days off. I am still screaming. How much is enough?

We have full time members that show no more understanding of the Union than that fair share payer. The SEIU site is full of happy sounding articles saying what a great job is being done and much of it is true, but where are the stories of members insulted and hurt by $4.00 gas and the States insulting mileage offer? Where is the true story that we have been getting less than the cost of living in raises for years? Those stories don't get printed because the only real answer is that the members don't care enough to fight for themselves. The teams and the Union have done an outstanding job, having gotten just enough support to fight off an attack on health care------this time, but not enough to do better.

We may not have enough participation but I didn't see any Fair share members, AGEM supporters, AFSCME, or MSLEA, rallying or at hearing in the legislature fighting for us. So far the active members have carried the ball. They need help!

The SEIU national is sometimes perceived as giving orders to locals, but in Maine we don’t take orders well. We run our union, but we won’t keep running it if no one wants to get involved. Whether for good or bad, our dues did not go up last year because of member involvement. This year I am going to vote FOR a dues increase if it goes toward politics and organizing workers outside of State government, workers with energy that have lived without a successful union for years. We have it better than they do but if we don't help raise them up, the politicians will have an audience screaming to tear us down. If there is not enough interest in the current base we need to reach out if we are to survive. They are coming back for your health care, they are coming back for your wages, they don't like you. What are you going to do about it now?

How about as a first move, you send the address of this Blog to two people you know, ask them to do the same, and you post your opinion.

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