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Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Hampshire SEIU 10% raise over two years

They don't have a contract yet, but they do have a TA.

New Hampshire SEIU
Tentative Agreement Reached 10% raise over two years.

A lot of this is great stuff, but read the whole story. See how much they are paying for health care, check the size of the deductibles and look at the increases that are coming. Would you like a contract like this? What do you think.They did well but just getting some things, we have had for years. Click on the comments at the bottom of the post and let everyone know what YOU think. Is this a good contract? Is our healthcare better? How important is the fact that we saved our healthcare?

The tentative agreement would increase pay by more than 10% over the two-year contract.

Wages, the Agreement

$0.51 per hour to employees' base pay, effective July 6, 2007 (a total of $1,060 for employees working 40-hour weeks.

3.5% raise January 4, 2008; and a 5.5% raise on January 2, 2009.


$200 in "health reimbursement" funds to employees who complete an on-line "Health Risk Assessment” questionnaire. The money can be used for office visit and prescription co-pays.
Caps maximum out-of-pocket expenses for office visits at $500 per individual and $1,000 per family; caps maximum out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs at $500 per individual and $1,000 per family; implements $25 per pay period health care fee for employees who subscribe to the state’s health insurance system (a total of $650 a year in pre-tax dollars); this fee will increase to $30 per pay period ($780) on January 2, 2009;
Office visit co-pays will be effective January 1, 2009 (preventative care will continue to have no co-pay; primary care visits will increase to $10; most specialists’ visits will increase to $20, but some will remain at $10); Prescription drug co-pays stay at current rates; Increase maximum dental benefit to $1,200 (a 20% increase);
Adds adult orthodontia benefits; increases coverage of dental X-Rays to 100% (eliminating the 20% co-pay);

The SEA will get a Health Benefit Advisory Committee with union representatives to help the State evaluate and restructure its health plans. Seriously ill college students can continue to receive health care insurance through their family’s health insurance policy even if they are unable to maintain their full-time student status) and will be eligible for domestic partner benefits.

The Agreement also: increases sick leave credits at retirement from 41.7% to
50% (not to exceed 60 days); allows employees to use up to 15 days of sick leave per
year to care for a family member; gives employees a contractual right to request a flexible or alternative work schedule; and provides retroactive reclassification pay, to 91 days after filing.

The Union negotiating Team chair Diana Lacey summed up the sentiment at the meeting when she said, "We feel good about this agreement."

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