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Friday, June 1, 2007

Beating on the Negotiations Team: Comments start getting HOT!

The team members have been getting angry emails telling them what they should have done and how they should have done it. The team members unanimously say this was the best contract that could have been gotten, with the amount of support received by the team. Ten thousand employees. How many go to a rally, or a chapter meeting? Decertification, Health Care, Wages, and working conditions all on the line at the same time and members saying

"The Union should do it for me".

What do you think? Did the team let you down? Did the "Union" let you down, or do support the members of the team and your Union?
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  1. Not even the cost of living. Losing money on gas and this is a friendly legislature??? The team did a good job, but we are being **** by the legislature again and again.

  2. People need to remember that we are funded by tax dollars. When we live in times when the public is screaming for tax relief it's difficult if not impossible to "catch up" on our raises. The team thought the contract was the best they could get and recommended sending it out to the members to vote on. The members will decide if they are satisfied with the contract... it's called democracy.
    After all .. we live to fight another day!

  3. Union Sisters and Brothers,
    I was watching the evening news on WCSH - Channel 6 (4 June 2007)out of Portland and it was reported that the Maine Chamber of Commerce is 'happy' with the State Budget. The leader/executive director of the Maine Chamber of Commerce is Dana Conners (remember Dana). Hey, if the 'Chamber' is happy with this budget then we-MSEA did not get enough in this contract. We did not force the legislature to tax the rich businessman/owners more or cut corporate welfare which businesses love to get from taxpayers. Baldacci gives hugh tax breaks for the rich and promotes all types of bonds for 'economic development' (money for businesses) while stiffing the state worker. Most of these bonds we will be voting for in June and November, especailly the ones in November, have lots of money for economic development-- grants for businesses--CORPORATE WELFARE. I say let the free market work as to whether a business can make it or not, but with NAFTA and GATT and Most Favored Trade Status for China the repugs (republicans) and the Corporacrats (democrats) have shafted Maine (and American) workers. Most the politians vote to send jobs where labor is cheap and corporations need not pay or have workers comp insurance...etc.
    Remember, The rule is: if the 'Chamber ' is supporting a law or bill as a state worker and union member we should oppose it.
    So lets get some real democrats elected in the near future that really want to help state employees.
    In Solidarity.

  4. I believe that the negotiating team through it's hard efforts did the best that they could do. There were many things going on to affect the budget, most of all the Health Insurance proposal which thankfully was defeated. If people who are members and you are active, I would say if you don't think is a good contract you need to get more involved than you are and toss your name in the hand to be on the negotiating team next time. Everyone complains but when there are 10,000 members and only 800+ reply to send an email to the Governor, out boss, then it shows two things, first that there is not a lot of suppot or worry about the negotiating team and secondly, there are not many people who are concerned about the new contract, this did not send a we need a better contract message to the Governor. So get involved, join the process and good luck. I think the team did a wonderful job with all they had to work with.

  5. With regard to those that did or did not contact our boss (re: 800 out of 10,000), I was a little disgruntled with the postcard sent to me advising me to tell him, “I need a raise so I can pay my bills.” Many people in my position hear that from our clients on a daily basis and I would NOT use that kind of language to try to persuade the Governor. That could be why more people did not step up to that plate. I, personally, emailed him but my language referred to compensation for the work that I already do; compensation for the constant increase in job duties and caseloads,etc. But, I would NEVER say, “Please give me more money so I can pay my bills.”


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