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Fascism is recognized to have first been officially developed by Benito Mussolini, who came to power in Italy in 1922. To sum up fascism in one word would be to say "anti-liberalism".

...............Socialism and Democracy. Political doctrines pass; peoples remain. It is to be expected that this century may be that of authority, a century of the "Right," a Fascist century."

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Living the Conservative Dream

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Living the Conservative Dream

The goals of the right seem great. Lower taxes, personal responsibility, smaller government.

First we have to ask if it has worked anywhere else, like health care in Canada, England, and most of the industrialized world the answer is yes.

Our neighbors to the south have been living the right wing dream for over a hundred years. Let's look and see how well this has worked out for Mexico.

The Mexican government is conservative, meaining they want to stay in power and not share that power with the citizenry.

The conservatives are led by the wealthy, and the government has almost no law to improve the almost nonexistent (disappearing in the U.S.) middle class.

In Mexico ther is a huge spread between the incomes of the average citizen and the wealthy elite. The Elite have the largest slice of all income in Mexico. Republicans would say that this has freed those with talent to rise.

Like the U.S. Mexican government is filled with the rich making policy decisions for profit, and to maintain control. This is not a Republican or a Democratic monopoly, but a coup run by money.

At the expense of services and higher taxes privatization of government services has done for Mexico what the Republicans claim openly they want for the U.S.A.

Republicans would privatize every aspect of the government, from parking meters, to speed cameras, where the fines in some locations have risen 400%, even the military, can you say billions for Blackwater? They have a no holds barred war going to keep insurance companies rich, no matter who dies.

The on-going war on regulations is making Mexico a haven for the jobs that used to be in the U.S. $3.00 a day to a Mexican auto worker as opposed to a living wage and patriotism. No contest the money wins, they build the factor in Mexico.

In Mexico, and U.S. the rich grow fat, and the poor live on less every year. The CEOs, the Mexican Mafia, drug lords, drug manufacturers, make multi-billion-dollar profits.

Consider the drug trade. We had Ronald McReagan, three Bush presidencies and still the trade thrives and grows.

If the right had wanted to stop drugs they would have legalized them years ago and put a few bilions into rehabilitation. Instant savings, lowered drug problems, and a southern neighbor who without their largest import would be far friendlier to the U.S.

The war on drugs was never won because the Republicans know it is unwinnable and they want it as a distraction to their destruction of our economy and civil rights.

In this country we call our drug lords CEOs of pharmeceutical companies. Illegal drug trade and life saving drugs share traits. You may need them to function and you are at the mercy of the drug lord whose only concern is profit, not your well being.

The result of this right wing heaven of deregulation is clear, the rich are in control, all policies favor the wealth, and Mexico is a failing state.

The Republican hate for healthcare rests on the Republican principles: no government intervention, and letting the free market "fix" everything.

During the most recent Bush hell, the Republicans gave the wealthy $1.3 trillion, lowering taxes during a war while those tax cuts overwhelmingly favored the top 1% wealthiest people.

In eight years the top 1% to became richer without the benefit of brains or hard work, they simply paid for the privlege in campaign donations, many of which first started out as over priced federal contracts.

The rich are supposed to pass this money on by the arcane trickle down theory, the  Republican theory says "pay for my champagne and I will be glad to piss on you".

This theory has never been proven right. There are no examples of anything except more and more wealth concentrating in fewer and fewer hands.

Statistics 101: As  G. W. Bush left office he had squandered the largest surplus in U.S. history, and started  the deepest deficit in history.

No Financial Collapse:
There has been no real financial industry collapse because we the taxpayer have bailed out the few at the top. Not only have they no lost money they are hoarding more billions than ever before and rushing to pay off government loans in order to avoid closer scrutiny of their books.

Economics 101: G.W. Bush caused millions to lose homes, suffer foreclosure, lose their jobs, lose their healthcare and perhaps their lives, while the rich were forced to build bigger bank vaults.

The concentration of wealth in the U.S. has brought the wealthy to a larger share of the U.S. than any time in history and the concern in Congress is to protect profits, not people.
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  1. Hey Sheeple: ( standard chant)

    Power to the people, oops.

    Power to the poor people, oops.

    Power to the working people, opps.

    Power to the rich people, booya !!

    Wake up sheeple, wake up sheeple. We are being lead to the slaughter factory. We are going to have our throats cut and we a going to bleed...bleed...bleed. Wake up before it is too late.

    Veggiehead and union activists


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