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Friday, September 11, 2009

How Many Candidates for MSEA Vice Pres Job?

As of today there are a possible five candidates for the MSEA Vice President position. Ginette Rivard the current V.P. is running for reelection. Penny Whitney-Asdourian and other unconfirmed candidates. The Stater will have all of the candidates that made the cut off of September 4.......BUT.....

There is at least one candidate who won't be listed in the Stater as his nomination was not final until today. Me.

A friend and an Executive Board member requested me to run for V.P.. I have always told members that your elected officials should do what they are asked to do by the members and since I was asked I agreed to run and I have been nominated by the Eichel-Crinion chapter out of Augusta.

Second round of the French presidential electi...

I am not running against any other candidate and no one will hear me say anything against another candidate.

I believe I have something of value to offer as your Vice President and that is what I offer, not attacks on my brothers and sisters.

The whole slate of current and possible Veeps have all done good things for our Union, it is my position that if you like the way things have gone the last few years then who you should vote for is clear.

If you want to see change, open government, more member involvement, more information about how our Union is run and to have someone who will have no secret agenda then I will be that person.

I already have a well developed plan to make bargaining more efficient, more representative and open. I have a resolution for convention this October to create a Bargaining Senate that will allow every chapter a voice in bargaining.

There is much more we can do, the focus must be on more than bargaining, more than any one issue. We must change the direction and control of our Union. I will follow this short announcement with details and I am open to have you ask me questions.

I don't promise answers for everything, if I knew everything I would have picked a better lottery ticket a long time ago. I do promise the truth as I know it. I will give you a clear idea of what I plan to do and how I plan to do it.

All candidates for any elected office in MSEA are offered the opportunity to post on this site, with no editing, just what they want to say. I believe in transparency in the process. As a candidate promising an open Union I think you deserves as much information about all of the candidates as possible so you can make the best decision for us all.

If you have any questions for me, please email me at Tom@UnionMaine.Org

This is the first in a continuing series of informational posts.

Thank you for your consideration
Thomas Maher

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    Run...run...run... I hope you get elected as Vice Prez. The current leadership is terrible. They do not have a clue on how to run a union. They are 'union hacks.' They are in the union for themselves and not for the rank-and-file (members). I have gotten so much run-around from Bruce and Ginette. SEIU is a money pit !!


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