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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Update 08

Update 08

Members all over Maine are wondering how we are going to bargain this time around. Maybe you have heard of the idea of Contract Action Teams?
A C.A.T. is like a bargaining committee on steroids. It is only made up of members that are interested, driven, and ready to work. It is an all volunteer army.
This is what we need to get going to deal with upcoming Contract negotiations by forming Contract Action Teams (C.A.T.s) that will forge member networks to communicate between worksites and the bargaining table.

We must demonstrate to the state and the Legislature that members are will­ing to fight for what they deserve. Contract Action Team members could be called upon to take part in actions that will prove our intent to win - sending delegations to “meet the boss,” wearing stickers, lobbying legislators, sending peti­tions, and participating in other worksite activities that ensure the state knows we are serious. Members that are interested can step up to help organize co-workers on issues that matter to us all. Participation a C.A.T. will need members to get involved to make a difference at their worksites during the contract campaign.

The first step must be bargaining surveys on the web and mailed to members, and then we can turn to analysis of member priorities.

We will need to elect Bargaining Unit Negotiating Teams (BUNTs) and we need re­search analysts to carefully review survey and meeting results to begin setting Local 1984’s bargaining priorities. We need this now and not after the summer complaints go home.

I know that all of the Pro-Tech team and many of the members of the last negotiations teams have been listening closely to what members want to see in their con­tract. We have never stopped listening. We need our Union to base our bargaining priorities on member input and we need to start getting that input now.
On Saturday May 10, former team members are meeting to discuss what went right and what went wrong during our last contract. I am certain that one thing to come out of the coming meeting will be the decision to hold a round of worksite meetings to gather member input.
We will need to have many of these meetings with members to share what we’ve learned, and gain additional feedback to make certain we are prepared at the bargaining table.

A lot of ideas are starting to surface already and we need your input to shape the future.

Ideas like these:

FEDERAL MILEAGE RATE for State Employees no more theft from our paychecks!

Combined Leave

Employees may opt for annual leave, in lieu of separate vacation and sick leave, and can opt to enroll in or leave the program each June.
Employees enrolled in annual leave receive combined vacation/sick leave of:
- 14 hours per month for up to 5 years of service;
- 16 hours per month at 10 years;
- 20 hours per month at 15 years;
- 26ours per month at 20 years;
- 28 hours per month at 25+ years.

One thousand twenty four (1024) hours of combined leave may be accumulated before the State is required to pay. NO USE IT OR LOSE IT.
Employees must be paid for unused vacation or annual leave upon leaving state service. All time paid is to count towards length of service and highest paid years.

Become involved, get involved and stay involved. Take the bargaining survey and make your opinion heard. So far our health care is at the top of the list of concerns.
What else is bothering you? Do you like getting less than the Federal rate for mileage costs when gas is nearly four dollars a gallon?

Bargaining Survey, What bargaining survey?

Click Here to take survey Click HERE to see how other members are voting..

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