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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Time, does anybody really care what time it is?

Maybe they need time to study, maybe they need time just like all the members at the bargaining summit told them they needed. They are not going to get anything done by deciding not to take action.

The MSEASEIU Board of directors heard from the members. All Members of previous teams demanded that the process start earlier. In this economy we need all the time we can get to weigh the situation and to work with the Union as a whole in order to put up a united stance. If we start in January only one group will drive the bargaining for the whole State and that group will not be dealing from a position of unity.
We are targets. We have no choice but to make the most of the time we have left. In January the State will have spent the $$ and made the decisions. With fuel oil hitting $4.14 a gallon just today we have no time to waste.

If you want to know if the board is going to do something call the MSEASEIU at 1-800-452-8794 and tell them they are doing a great job or ask them when they are going to get on the stick. Whether you tell them that the opinions on this blog are CR&% or if you agree, you can not complain if you don't get involved.

No matter who does what, you can do something. Do you want to be heard fill out this Bargaining Survey and give be heard.

Click Here to take survey Click HERE to see how other members are voting..
If you have any ideas for putting together a survey for your local or your bargaining unit please contact me at Narsbars@UnionMaine.Org

If you get one person to fill out this survey you will be helping yourself. Ask a friend to fill out the survey and ask them to find another friend to do the same.

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