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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

If we are so powerful, why aren't we rich?

If you have seen the ads run by UNIONFACTS.COM you are disgusted, if you have not seen them check them out (on an empty stomach). If you want to know what voting Republican has done for the labor movement and what they want to do read the hatred and the lies at what should be called Lies about Unions.

Duane Lugdon of the United Steel Workers says it best in his letter to WLBZ.

The email for the news director is newsdirector@wlbz2.com

Drop an email and let them know that a news channel is supposed to do public service and not act as a mouthpiece for an anti-labor organazation. Here is Duane's email to WLBZ.

WLBZ Television
329 Mount Hope Ave.
Bangor, Me. 04401

May 23, 2008

Dear WLBZ Management,
I write today after seeing evidence of the apparent direction WLBZ wants to take here in Maine. On May 22, 2008 WLBZ has run a series of television ads produced by an organization named “UNIONFACTS.COM”.

I have been a leader in the Labor Movement in the State of Maine since 1974. I have been working full time for my International Union, the United Steelworkers, since January of 1993. Our Union represents some 5,000 workers in Maine’s Pulp & Paper Industry, the Sawmill industry, the Heavy Equipment industry, as well as workers in some of the municipal governments, oil distribution businesses and public service workers. We represent over 2500 members in the immediate WLBZ “air” footprint and of course the cable connection spreads the WLBZ presence to many others who do not live in the immediate air footprint.

I do not consider myself to be a “Union thug”, a mafia kingpin, or a gang member as portrayed by “UNIONFACTS.COM”. This organization is one that is an ultra conservative organization dedicated solely to the abolition of Unions in America. It is a political beast and does the bidding of the National Right to Work Foundation and other extremist organizations that seek to destroy the American Labor Movement.

The Maine Labor Movement has worked with the media outlets in Maine whenever important issues have surfaced in our industrial base. I have personally worked with a number of personalities from WLBZ over the years and always found WLBZ to be a responsible player in the local media.

I am insulted and incensed that WLBZ has nothing better to do than broadcast the kind of attacks on Maine workers that the UNIONFACTS.COM platform represents. I do not break the law - - I do not belong in jail - - I do not fleece workers - - and I do not appreciate WLBZ’s embrace of these kinds of attack dog advertisers. I frequently watch WLBZ and I have always enjoyed the WLBZ Fred Nutter Editorial spot. I have noted through the years that WLBZ has been a fair and responsible player in its Editorial Opinion. What has happened now?

Is WLBZ favoring the attack dog mentality represented by UNIONFACTS.COM? Why is WLBZ on the attack against the organizations that try to advance the lives and working conditions for thousands of Mainers?

Does WLBZ recognize what the American Labor Movement has done for our nation’s workforce? I believe it would be advisable for WLBZ to use one of your researchers to “fact-check” the kinds of things that the American Labor Movement has done and the role it has played in the working lives of all Americans. The Holidays we celebrate, the Civil Rights Act, the 40 hour work week, the Social Security Act, and a hundred other ever so important pieces of legislation are all things that have been brought about by the American Labor Movement. American workers, both those who are in Unions and those who are not have been positively affected by the presence of our American Labor Movement.

WLBZ should take a more responsible role in making sure that attack dog advertising is not used here in Maine. This is a place where we honor each other’s right to freedom and liberty. The members of Union’s here in the State of Maine know that they work for better wages and better working conditions than they would without the historical presence of Labor Unions.

If Labor Unions are run to extinction in Maine and our nation who will speak for the working class? Who will insure that the progressive legislation that has made working in America so rewarding for workers at large is going to remain in place?

WLBZ has insulted my character and the character of the Maine Labor Movement by giving UNIONFACTS.COM the time of day. My resentment will continue as long as WLBZ fails to figure out that Maine workers deserve better than the one sided trash represented in this kind of advertising.

Most Sincerely,

Duane Lugdon, International Representative
United Steelworkers International Union
P.O. Box 562
Bradley, Me. 04411

Remember newsdirector@wlbz2.com and let WLBZ know they are wrong.
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