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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Safe work and Fixing the CLIFF

Monday is a work day and while the notice is short, the effect could be large. This is a press release from Ethan Strimling's office. I don't usually print a straight press release but this one is filled with the information we need. Point one, Ethan Strimling is reaching out to Mainers, State employees, and workers all over the State that would be affected by minimum wage. This is not the type of audience that so many attempt to reach, not the rich and powerful.

This press release is not just so much Blah, Blah, Blah. If you want to know who to blame and who to give credit to, it is all here. Check it out and see if you see your representative and let them know either way exactly what you think. Read past the end to find out what you can do to fix the CLIFF.

Building trade and labor friends,

**Please Spread the Word!**

Hello from Senator Ethan Strimling’s office! I just wanted to give you all a heads up that the OSHA-10 work session is on Monday at 1pm! (November 26)

....in the Labor Committee room 220, Cross State Office Building. Augusta (287-1333)

Here’s what YOU can do to help us make sure we get this through!

  1. Please- Call members of the Labor Committee to make sure that they are supporting this important bill. (Committee list is below with contact info.)
  2. Please- Show up at the 1pm work session to talk to committee members 1 on 1 to ask for their support and tell them why they need to support the bill.

Additionally, the Minimum Wage hearing is also on Monday at 10am before the Labor Committee. If you could come and testify in support of that bill, it would be a huge help as well.

Many thanks for all of the hard work you do. Happy Thanksgiving.

Let’s get this bill through!

Ethan08- Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 7488
Portland, Maine 04112

Ethan08- Campaign Office:
550 Forest Ave- (lower level)

Fix The Cliff!
To many readers here, the most important issue on Monday is the announcement on the MSEA web site.
FIX THE CLIFF ! I know Halloween is long gone but you should let them know you will be watching.

This is what your Union is trying to do for you!

.......L.D. 1693, “An Act to Restore Equity to the Maine State Retirement System.”

DATE: Monday, November 26, 2007
TIME:3:00 PM
PLACE: Room 220 Cross Office Building

In 1993, the Legislature retroactively changed the retirement rules for all workers hired after July 1, 1983. The Legislature INCREASED their early retirement penalty from 2.25 percent to 6 percent.

At the work session on Nov. 26, the Labor Committee will consider a proposal to REDUCE that early retirement penalty from 6 percent to 3 percent for all workers hired after July 1, 1983.

....we can fund this remedy from our own retirement fund, not from the State budget. The Retirement System. . . advised the Trustees that this solution would be fiscally sound.

..........By providing an early retirement option, savings would result as newer workers replace more experienced workers. Editor's Translation: The higher paid workers could retire and the spots coul be filled by employees starting on the bottom step.

Members of the Labor Committee

Senator Nancy Sullivan- D
Home Tel: 282-5594
Email: npsullivan@gwi.net

Senator Dana Dow- R
danadow@adelphia.net (home)
Home Tel: 832-4658 Bus: 832-6363

Rep. John Tuttle- D
Home Telephone: (207) 324-5964
Business Telephone: (207) 772-4459

Rep Troy Jackson- D
Home Telephone: (207) 398-4081
Cell Phone: (207) 436-0763
Home E-Mail: jacksonfor1@hotmail.com

Rep Herb Clark- D
Home Telephone: (207) 723-5746
Home E-Mail: clarkhe@prexar.com

Rep. Tim Driscoll - D
Home Telephone: (207) 856-7014
Business Telephone: (207) 879-3265
Home E-Mail: tdrisco1@maine.rr.com

Rep Anne Haskell - D
Home Telephone: (207) 871-5808
Cell Phone: (207) 712-1244
Home E-Mail: annehask@maine.rr.com

Rep Rick Burns- D
Home Telephone: (207) 698-1526
Home E-Mail: burns_for_145@hotmail.com

Rep Brian Duprey -R
Home Telephone: (207) 862-5785
Home E-Mail: repduprey@hotmail.com

Rep James Hamper -R
Home Telephone: (207) 539-4586
State House E-Mail: RepJames.Hamper@legislature.maine.gov

Rep Richard Sykes - R
Home Telephone: (207) 583-2958
Home E-Mail: rksykes@verizon.net

Rep Doug Thomas -R
Home Telephone: (207) 277-3017
Business Telephone: (207) 277-3017
Home E-Mail: firewood@tds.net

Senator Nancy Sullivan- D
Email: npsullivan@gwi.net

A link to this post was sent to every member of the labor committee asking them for their position. The answers or lack of answers will be posted next week.

Not next week! Representative Burns set a new world record and sent in an answer withing ten minutes or less! Click HERE.to see his answer.

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