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Fascism is recognized to have first been officially developed by Benito Mussolini, who came to power in Italy in 1922. To sum up fascism in one word would be to say "anti-liberalism".

...............Socialism and Democracy. Political doctrines pass; peoples remain. It is to be expected that this century may be that of authority, a century of the "Right," a Fascist century."

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Election 2009

On this site I try to present any point of view that comes forward. Any point of view will be treated with respect if not applause. I tried to reach a number of Republican office holders to ask questions and to understand their point of view on State and National issues.

I tried to discuss issues with the Republican representatives from to my own State legislature, both Republicans. I tried to reach Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. I will continue to try but I have to ask myself why they refuse to speak to this audience and another candidate will answer questions.

They don’t return emails. Honest, you can talk to a Liberal and it won't rub off. I know Democrats are not always right and though Republicans are always right they are not always correct.

We need to reach out to the other side. I wonder how long I will wait.

The right fears the positive results for Unionism if the Democratic majority in Congress also increases when the next president, a Democrat is elected.

The Democrats may win enough votes to block future Republican Filibusters or get so close that Republicans will be forced to go along in order to pass any of their own bills.

There is fear and loathing over the possibility that the recently filibustered Employee Free Choice Act (E.F.C.A.) may actually pass strengthening labor.

The E.F.C.A. is being characterized as political payback to organized labor and every Democrat running for office has promised their support.

The right has a list and that list contains anything that might affect the wages of the working public or strengthen labor in any way.

This article, http://www.tompaine.com/articles/2007/05/21/an_agenda_for_labor.php is the basis for the fears of the CEOs. The (Extremely) condensed version is listed below. Read the article and you will realize that Unionism is not dead. There are still a lot of dedicated intelligent Union supporters working for progress, not just for Union members but for America.

While you are cheering for the ideas here, realize that the same ideas are creating fear, loathing, and disgust in the minority party.

I want to ask them why they are afraid but they won't answer.

1. Enact the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).

2. Enact the (RESPECT) Act and narrow the definition of exempt "supervisors" under the NLRA.

3. Allow union organizers access to employees on private employer property and/or during working hours in order to organize employees.

EDITOR: I support Unions but I can’t see how number three has any legs. A Union can not control the employer’s property.

4. Fix the trade agreements that have sucked the jobs out of this country. Ross Perot was right.

5. As in many State Unions, allow for the unionization of supervisors.

6. Repeal the federal allowance for state "Right-to-Work" laws.

7. Repeal the Taft-Hartley Act's ban on "secondary boycotts."

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