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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ethan Strimling Reaching out to Maine

This is my first post on this blog. I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you, to share the reasons why I am running in June's Democratic Primary to represent Maine's 1st Congressional District, and most importantly, to begin a dialog with you about how we can together change the direction of this country.

I want to do on the internet what I have already been doing in person all around the First District- talking and listening to people. The internet not only affords an opportunity for more two-way communication between politicians and their constituents, but demands it. As a Senator in the Maine legislature, I have always seen myself as the facilitator of a collaborative effort between me and my constituents. On the internet, I can reach out and collaborate with more people than ever before. I hope you'll join me.

So now let me tell you about why I am running for Congress, and then I hope to hear from you about what you think we need to do, and about how we can do it.

In the months before I announced my candidacy, I traveled to towns all over Maine attending over 70 house parties in 70 different towns, and talked with hundreds of people. I did more than just say “hello” and shake their hands during a photo op. I sat in their living rooms and their kitchens, and one-on-one I heard their stories. The experience changed me.

Before doing that, I already knew what we all know: that most people aren't being listened to; that the middle class has been neglected and forgotten by Washington; that average wage earners are being hammered while the richest Americans and corporations are given extraordinary tax breaks; that the nation is pouring billions into the Iraq War, raising the income tax burden on the middle class and siphoning precious dollars from better wages, better health care, cheaper alternative energy, and college loan programs.

I knew those things, but talking with hundreds of people, and hearing from people from all walks of life, gave me a deeper understanding. Over and over I heard from Maine people who are struggling just to get by.

In Shapleigh, I talked with a retiree who had to go back to work because everything from taxes to health care are far more expensive than he had carefully planned for. In Saco, I met a man whose kidney cancer is now terminal; it was detected too late because he did not have health insurance in his hourly job and hadn't been able to afford physicals. I heard from a Portland couple who are struggling to pay a second mortgage on their house because their two boys are both in college.

I am running for Congress because I know it is wrong that the people I met and so many others just like them here in Maine are struggling just to get by. But I also know that it doesn't have to be this way. These struggles are the direct consequences of bad choices made by the leaders of our elected government who aren't listening to the same people I'm listening to.

I have always made fighting for the pocket books of Maine families my top priority. For the past three years, I have been the Senate Chair of the Labor Committee. During that time I have led efforts to raise the minimum wage, expand unemployment benefits for laid off Mainers, and provide for workers who are injured on the job. I have fought to provide health care for Fire Fighters, enhance retirement for mental health and correctional workers, and stood up to General Dynamics when they wanted to outsource union jobs.

So with your help, and with you behind me, I will go to Congress and I will fight every day to make taxes fairer, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, bring our troops home, and increase wages and benefits for working families.

I hope I can earn your support and that you will take some time to ask me questions, to learn more about me, and also to tell me your stories and ideas so that I can learn more about you. If you visit my website, you can learn more about my experience in the Maine Legislature, where I have served since 2002, and about my ten-plus years as executive director at Portland West, a nonprofit that helps at-risk and lower income children and families. You can also learn about my positions on other issues. I look forward to your feedback and comments on those as well.

Finally, I am proud and honored to count among my strongest supporters hundreds of workers and organizers from around Maine, including these Union members:

CJ Betit, Southern Maine Labor Council

John Bogart, American Postal Worker's Union Doug Born, International Alliance for Theatrical Stage Employees, Local 114 Sal Crisci, Maine State Employees Association - Service Employees International Union George Lawson, Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Jim MacAdam, International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Thomas MacLean, Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 714 Zack Matthews, Business Agent AFSCME Council 93 Winston McGill, International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 740 David Paul, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 2327 Doris and Wayne Poland, American Postal Workers Union, Local 458 Stephen Quinlan, American Postal Workers Union, Local 458 Leo Todd, Maine Education Association

(Please note: Unions listed for identification purposes only)

Send me your name, occupation, town, and union affiliation, and I will add you to a list of Labor supporters that will be on our web site. Send it to labor@ethan08.com.

Editorial Comment:

The following questions are representative of the questions that have been emailed to this site. Other questions can be found in the comments on the post. Other candidates may choose to post and other candidates have been invited. Mr. Strimling received the first invitation and was ready to take questions and state what he believes in.
No candidate can provide specifics completely until they have gained the office and the information that a member of Congress has access to. But this candidate is willing to tell us what his goals are. What he believes is important to us. How he achieves them will be up to how much of a majority the electorate gives to candidates who support the same ideals.

1. Social Security Offset
employees that have contributed to the Social Security system are punished by the Social Security offset. As a member of congress, will you work to repeal this unjust law? What will you do?

2. Describe what you would do to improve the Department of Labor and how you would make it friendlier to labor.

Will you support a card check law on the Federal level?

Support and Enforce prevailing wage across the country?

3. Unions believe in the right of workers to organize and to bargain collectively.

Will you work with Unions to extend and return collective bargaining rights to Federal workers that have been denied bargaining rights?

4. What are other major issues upon which your campaign is based?

5. What is your position on the war in Iraq and how soon it can be ended?

6. On the second amendment, do you believe your views are consistent with the majority of Mainers?

Do you believe the second amendment is an individual right or a collective right?

Do you see the need for more gun laws or do you believe we should enforce the laws we have?

7. Would you vote to allow undocumented workers to collect Social Security?

8. What is your position on Bush tax cuts?

9. What role does the Federal Government have in helping to alleviate the health care crisis in this country?

10. What do Mainers need to know about you that will help us to decide how to vote?

Editorial addition: A friend of mine sent the following question but as I have not yet gotten permission to use a name I have removed personally identifying information.

I have some questions for Mr. Strimling.
What does he think about the health care crisis in this country? It is not only the fact that health insurance is very expensive and for many folks unattainable, but it is also the runaway costs of getting sick! Simple tests like mammograms are now almost $200 when not that long ago the cost was about $75.

What does he think about cutting Medicare benefits that cover the cost of home health care for our elders? This is a program that pays for the health services an elder receives in their home. Like having a nurse go into the home to do a rountine check up or having a physical therapist go into the home to do some physical therapy to help keep the person mobile.
Is it better to put these people in a nursing home where those costs are high, the care is not that great? Not to mention that the elders would rather stay in their own homes and be comfortable. The work I do is not covered under Medicare. Home Care for Maine does not receive any Medicare money. HCM does not employ nurses that go into the home for these types of services. But a lot of the consumers that Home Care for Maine helps do receive these types of services from other agencies like Health Reach.

Is Mr. Strimling aware of PCAs and PSSs and the type of work we do?
I can give him a brief outline.

Please let me now if you'd like a brief outline of what a PCA/PSS does and I'll be glad to send it.

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  1. Ethan is well known as an anti gun and anti hunting candidate. In the past he supported turning a good part of northern Maine into a park where no hunting would be allowed. He was also for the re-introduction of wolves to Maine. This was to restore the "natural" ecosystem and thus eliminate the need for hunters to keep the deer herd in balance. As for the rest of his positions I am unsure if he really understands how to pay for them, or how to implement them smoothly without massively disrupting my already fragile lifestyle.

  2. I question your "well know" comment.
    I also question your comment on the need to keep the deer in balance. I have not been attacked and pillaged by any rampaging deer herds recently.
    Wolves in Maine? If you are the big brave hunter, why are you afraid of the wolf. Take it on tooth for tooth, claw for claw. I still support the 30-06, the .45 and semi-autos, but not hunters that want targets instead of a real challenge.

  3. Health Care for AllNovember 10, 2007 at 8:16 PM

    How about we wait for some of the answers?

    It is a typical trick to claim that someone believes this or that regardless of what they have said.

    I believe in Universal health care. It can't help but save money. Take the profit motive out and put in the provide health care and what's to lose?

  4. I think that today's health care system is the equivalent of a lunch buffet where you are still required to leave a 20% gratuity to a waiter/waitress who simply pointed you to the plates and brought you a soda.
    I am happy to say that as a healthy 35 year old male, I havent had many recent brushes with the medical profession, but any time I have dabbled in the art of managed care, i have found that I pretty much have had to diagnose myself, get a nod of approval from my doctor and suggest which prescription would be best to treat my ailment.
    While I am glad that my doctor listens to me, it seems that there should be some sort of discount from my insurance premiums and copays. Surely I have saved Blue Cross some serious cash by alleviating my medicine man of the messy little burden of actually treating me.
    As Americans, we used to, before HMOs, at least be able to justify our expensive system in that the result was care that, by global standards, was second only to that of Israel. This is just simply no longer the case.


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