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Monday, February 28, 2011

Who ya gonna call?

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Joint Standing Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs

Senator Rosen (R) Chairs the powerful appropriations committee. If it passes there it lives, if it gets changed there it is changed. It is very rare that anything can go far without the stamp of the chairman and the committee.

If you need to know who to reach, reach out to these committee members. It will be more than the governor is doing according to some sources. The Republican Senators and Representatives are growing more and more tired of the my way or the highway form of government. Let them know what is bad about this budget, what hurts, what can be fixed.

I think this is the complete list. I don't think many members of the appropriations committee realize that the Governor's bill would prevent State Employees from offering any concessions to offset any reductions in pensions or benefits.

The only thing he is allowing concessions on is towards Merit raises or Longevity. If you have Longevity payments now he is proposing to take it away again. This is as much as a 2% cut to many employees. A 2% cut, with a 2% increase in pension payments, and who knows what kind of take aways he plans in the current contract negotiations.

State Employees know where the waste is hiding and it is not in the pensions we have coming. The pensions are deferred compensation, payment in the future for less pay today. We paid for the pensions, we will pay for the pensions. Ask the members of the appropriations committee to negotiate directly with us, we are tax payers too.

Our kids, State services, the elderly, and the trust the citizens in Maine should be able to have in their government is at stake.  

Late Edit: 
 I sent the following letter to all members of the appropriations committee. I look forward to their answers. (Full Disclosure: I edited one spelling error)

I will keep it short.
Thank you for the work you do for the Citizens of Maine. I know what we pay you, and it is not enough.

Why does the governor’s budget specifically ban State Employees from offering pay or benefit concessions to offset the budget? Did you know that?

Senator Rosen said that according to his information the 20 year average C.O.L.A. to State Employees was 2.85% and reflected the inflation rate.
Why would the pension plan be permanently prevented from going over 2% if not an attempt to punish (Union) retirees?

Why are there NO representatives on the committee to study the closure of Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center except for those with a vested profit motive for closing the institute?
Why can representatives receive a State Pension and a State paycheck, while other employees may not? By extending that to current employees at this time, the State could provide a ZERO cost retirement incentive and allow the State to hire employees with many years of experience at huge savings.

Confidential employees, like the Governor's daughter pay ZERO towards their pensions. Isn't that an unfunded liability?

Most State Employees will have their Social Security cut by up to 70% regardless of how small their pension is.

Why has the governor refused to meet with any Union Representatives?

Thank you for your time,
I look forward to your response.
Check the comments section for breaking news on the budget. The Pension system is much better than reports have shown. The trustees are making a tremendous return. Click here.

Senator Richard W. Rosen (R-Hancock), Chair
Home Tel: 469-3779/ Cell: 944-5091

Senator Roger J. Katz (R-Kennebec)
Home Tel: 622-9921/ Cell: 485-2394

Senator Dawn Hill (D-York)
Home Tel: 337-3689

Representative Patrick S. A. Flood (R-Winthrop), Chair
Home Tel: 395-4915

Representative Tom J. Winsor (R-Norway)
Home Tel: 527-2233

Representative Kathleen D. Chase (R-Wells)
Home Tel: 646-2118/ Cell: 468-9747

Representative Tyler Clark (R-Easton)
Home Tel: 488-2633/ Cell: 227-6971

Representative Kenneth Wade Fredette (R-Newport)
Home Tel: 368-4242

Representative Dennis L. Keschl (R-Belgrade)
Home Tel: 495-2973 / Cell: 441-3701

Representative Margaret R. Rotundo (D-Lewiston)*
Home Tel: 784-3259

Representative John L. Martin (D-Eagle Lake)
Home Tel: 444-5556

Representative David C. Webster (D-Freeport)
Home Tel: 865-4311

Representative Sara R. Stevens (D-Bangor)
Home Tel: 942-8900

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  1. The Maine pension investment fund increased by 12.2% in 2010. One of the bases for the Governor's proposals has just been substantially changed. http://maine.watchdog.org/2011/02/28/mainepers-investment-fund-up-12-2-in-2010/


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