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Friday, February 25, 2011

Republicans Target the Poor, Sick, and the Elderly, While Adopting Tax and Spend

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The devastating 2 year state budget proposal, $226,000,000 larger than the last biennium, is an attempt to clump anyone receiving state services into the “welfare bum category” and tosses in State Employees as Union thugs just to round out the damage.

Maine families, any employee receiving a State paycheck, working or retired, elderly or disabled.  Mainers are his preferred targets.

Attacking families is not the Maine way.
The Governor's lust to hurt people outweighs the real damage his budget will also do to the Maine economy.
Money going to the poorest and the retired has the most impact on the economy. Denying medical help to children to provide corporate tax cuts can not be justified.

Here are some of the budget’s low points:

A lifetime 5-year time limit on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). Only families facing the greatest challenges are on TANF for 5 or more years, 90% of those families include a family member with a disability.

Starves the children for the mistakes of the parent.

Currently a parent that does not follow TANF rules can have their benefits cut. In the new Republican ideal, assistance is ended for the whole family, kids, grandmother, the disabled. I guess the kids should have picked better parents.

General Assistance benefits limited to once in a calendar year.

Your husband died, and you stopped work to care for a disabled baby? Later that year you lost your job when you child had pneumonia?

Too bad! Your husband should have timed his death better, you should should have had them both happen at the same time. Plan your life like a business.

At least the budget Teaches Patience:

By doubling, the wait to determine eligibility for benefits due to disabilities the governor is teaching patience. By blocking access to medications and medical care under MaineCare to those with serious medical conditions, living below the federal poverty level the governor is planning to save money, not lives.

Those annoying disabled, always whining

About 25,000 Mainers elderly and disabled Mainers will see elimination or reductions in assistance dollars for Medicare Parts B & D. The estimate is 25,000 seniors and disabled will lose the dollars they get to pay for Medicare premiums, deductibles, and prescription drugs, but it may be less than 25,000 if the new three month waiting period kills a few off first.

Saves money by not preventing the abuse and neglect of children.

Several years ago a Democratic administration took $10,000,000 from the Foster Adoptive program and used it to hire more middle management. Diapers, clothes, housing money was stolen to pay for more management. At that time the head of appropriations told a Foster Parent holding a signed contract with the State, “Didn’t anyone every tell you that a State contract isn’t worth anything?”

Now: The Republicans Know a Good Idea When They See One (Then they ignore it)

See this story, in the Portland Press Herald that leaves our most vulnerable children at higher risk. Money cut, jobs cut, for Child protective services. It will teach the little leeches some independence.

Dirigo, Dirigone, the Gov. bragged during the campaign

Cuts will leave Dirigo Health Program insufficient funds to help low income Mainers get health care through DirigoChoice. There is only a 100% cut to funds provided to Dirigo Health through the Fund for Healthy Maine.

Tax breaks for wealthy insurance companies.

You knew that was coming didn’t you? The Gov. plans to cut the funds raised by dropping the assessments on insurance companies and others used to fund Dirigo.

Increased taxes on the workers and retirees of Maine

Aw, come on, you knew that was coming too, didn’t you?

The Governor’s budget will increase taxes on State employees, and reduce benefits at the same time.

A 1 ¼% tax on employee pensions that applies to employees both current and retired in the disguise of a “shared pain” plan. This number is based on the new sliding scale for retirees to pay towards their health care. Some employees with lower pensions will not be subject to the increase of between $400.00 to $1200.00 a year, with yearly increases predicted.

A 2% increase in taxes on 100% of an employee’s current income to go towards the pension plan while yes, cutting the State’s portion, achieving no gain, all pain, in the unfunded liability.

A freeze on cost of living increases for retirees, for five years (already at zero for two).

A change in pensions that will cost a State employee retiring after July 1 of this year a 32% tax on the average State pension for three years. Yes, 32% and that is before taxes.

A 50% reduction in any cost increases for retirees guaranteed to make a $20,000 pension worth $7000.00 in 25 years.

The Republicans support a 32% tax, a 1 ¼% tax, a 2% tax, and I with the denial of merit raises, and the take away of longevity pay currently received, another 7% tax increase to the top.

At least the 32% tax only hits some and expires after you pay it for three years. OOPS! Unless you are a State trooper retiring at 55 years, and then you pay the tax (guaranteed to increase every year) for ten years, while you watch your pension shrink.

This is not shared pain; this is a blatant attack on Unions, an attempt to bust Unions. Stay tuned for the State garage sale. One Turnpike system…….cheap. Get a twofer and buy the Department of Transportation.

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  1. And you have to believe DaPage is just waiting in the wings to see what the Wisconsin outcome will be.... it is a national RNC gameplan. Class warfare, the have's against the have nots. The USA to become a service industry, servicing that top 2%.
    Mad as hell and ready for revolution.


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