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Monday, August 17, 2009

Nine Miles of Lazy, Dangerous Road Work

The first thing the public thinks when they see road work is the D.O.T. and lazy State workers.
There are several miles of construction going on from Palmyra to the Pittsfield line and someone may get killed.
It isn't D.O.T. employees.

A report came in that Flaggers were in one case standing on the wrong side of the road, at the other end of the construction a flagger was standing in the shade and nearly invisible to cars with the sun in their faces.
The village of Palmyra must love the work being done by another flagger, a flagger who was supposed to wait for his replacement before going to lunch. During lunch hour recently there was no flagger, no cotrol and over thirty cars lined up in the middle of Palmyra village.
Was this the D.O.T. NO! This was more contracting out! Risking the lives of the public, wasting our money, while everyone blames the State employees who are not there!
Where will the Senators and representatives that love contracting out so much be when someone is killed?

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1 comment:

  1. Too true. I drive this daily and it's pretty confusing. The other morning I had one flagger send me off to the right, following a Lane Construction truck who was STOPPING. I wasn't supposed to be behind him at all. On another occasion, in the village, I watched a flagger carry on a conversation with a young lady across the road, from the kind of car she wanted to buy to heaven only knows what else!

    No...this definitely is NOT a DOT project!


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