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Monday, August 10, 2009

MSEA-SEIU Local 1989 President Hodsdon Steps on Rumors

MSEA-SEIU President Bruce Hodsdon pledged to serve out his full term if reelected this fall.

He has been passing the word at chapter meetings for the past few weeks. There had been rumors swirling that he was interested in resigning right after the election and letting his probable VP, Ginnette Rivard serve the rest of his term.

After weeks of rampant speculation regarding the future of MSEA-SEIU president Bruce Hodsdon, the President faced the rumors head on and stated officially the he will serve 100% of his term if reelected.

The following quote is from memory, and may not be the exact wording used at the time.

“I want to say that I have heard the rumors of my planned resignation and state that I am 100 percent committed to MSEA-SEIU and I look forward to fulfilling my duties in years to come,” Hodsdon said.

“Due to the work of the membership and the time and effort, made by everyone associated with our Union, I believe we are building a stronger future for all of us.”

“I have no plans for another job anywhere besides MSEA-SEIU at this time,” Hodsdon said very definitely.

While many former Union officials migrate from local positions to higher-profile national jobs with their Unions, Bruce Hodsdon doesn't seem to have any interest in the national scen at this time.

Rumors swirled around unsubstantiated talk about Hodsdon’s plans to quit after election and taking a job with SEIU, following the pattern of many retired Union officials that often plan on quitting and find they can’t give up the work..

Hodsdon has plenty of time in MSEA and State service, as a former VP, Ferry worker and even a stint on the dark side as Human resources. He is currently on the international board of SEIU and has represented Maine’s interests at every chance.

Hodsdon has yet to be reelected and start a second two-year term with MSEA-SEIU but at this time the odds seem in his favor.

Hodsdon has compiled a long, successful record with MSEA-SEIU since taking office two years ago and has been president during disastrous economic conditions but has continued to work towards making our Union more member driven by involving State Employees from all bargaining units in all aspects of the Union from Labor Management committees to bargaining.

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  1. Here is something to ponder. Several MSEA presidents once finished their term they then go work to for SEIU. While they were president of MSEA they promoted and spoke highly of SEIU and how SEIU helps MSEA. This is bogus. The money we give to SEIU is a rip-off. Ask yourself what has SEIU done for you in the last 10 years or last 20 years. SIEU takes our money and does nothing for MSEA rank and file members, but SEIU does give high paying jobs to former MSEA presidents. Basicly, SEIU is buying/ bribing our leadership so we keep the affiliation. This is digusting. It is time to break with SEIU.

  2. I don't know of "several" former MSEA presidents with SEIU jobs. I believe you may be off by some degree. If you are right, list the names. This type of open discussion can be resolved every two years when we have elections.

  3. You wrote above that "Hodsdon has compiled a long, successful record with MSEA-SEIU since taking office two years ago", what's your proof and I don't want to hear excuses? Don't get me wrong, I like Bruce Hodsdon personally, but I have yet to see evidence of his or Ginette Rivard's rumored success at MSEA. And I am way past voting for someone just because I like them.

  4. Bruce Hodsdon has brought more representative involvement to our Union than at any time in years.
    He seeks out members to be on committees, he spends more time on the road for chapter meetings than any president in many years partly because he is a full time president but mostly because he thinks the members should run the Union.

    I have sat through two bargaining sessions with Bruce Hodsdon and he NEVER came with an agenda, he never pushed his ideas or blocked ours.

    I don't agree with some things Bruce has done but I have seen his success. If you have not seen the success maybe it is because you have not been involved.


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