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Friday, May 15, 2009

A letter to Senator Diamond. State Employees are Mainers too

Scott Austin is a 20 year State Employee and a member of the MSEASEIU board of directors. If you have something to tell the Senator, click on the link at the bottom and send him your thoughts. Please remember to be polite no matter how you feel as yelling and rude comments only make us look ignorant and do not get sympathy.

Scott Austin
Senate Chair Diamond, House Chair Cain, Members of the Joint Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs; I'm Scott Austin, a twenty year state employee at the Department of Environmental Protection and a member of the MSEA-SEIU Board of Directors.

I understand the magnitude of the crisis we are all in and the very unpalatable choices you are being charged to make. I don't envy you and I know you are trying to do your best to minimize the pain while not excessively burdening any one group. It must be gut-wrenching.

State employees realize that we must do our part in this crisis; and we are willing to sacrifice to be part of the solution. (Emphasis added)

But we would like a voice in that solution. We have as an organization communicated that to all of you since the Governor's announcement on May 1st. That view is universal through our ranks.

Up until last night, it seemed that there would be a spirit of cooperation amongst the affected parties to choose our "poison" as it has been expressed. There is support at the worksites I represent for the Governor's proposal as well as Libby Mitchell's proposal. The common theme being loss of salary for time off with the final package being negotiated by the affected parties to meet your need for booking savings with our desire for input and ideas to achieve Maine's needs and goals is acceptable to State workers.

Unfortunately, that spirit did not survive your deliberations late last night. The door was slammed shut. All state employees woke up today to learn that their pay would be slashed 5% and there would be nothing in exchange, including input. And all this while some in the legislature are salivating over how much more they can extract from the health insurance premiums of the dedicated workers that serve the citizens of Maine.
Collective bargaining was respected.....until last night.

What you did last night and may be continuing to do as I type is sowing seeds that will reap you the lowest state employee morale in Maine history. Is that the legacy you wish for this legislative session?

I close by apologizing for any of my fellow state employees that may have left you disrespectful messages. I have heard that may have happened and I'm sorry if you received that type of message. MSEA always stresses that when communicating to you folks we can be open and frank, but always respectful to you who serve.
I know these are difficult times, but we really should broaden our perspectives, be creative and work together to get out of this mess.

Cheers! (I'm trying to stay positive)
Scott Austin
Environmental Specialist III Maine Department of Environmental Protection
MSEA-SEIU Board of Directors

EDITOR: Click the link below to send the Senator your thoughts.


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  1. They are probably making deals over the phone over the weekend.

  2. fyi,

    Senator Diamond was a lobbyist for Mrs Joe Ricci when she wanted to bring a casino to Scaborough and Saco. I saw him at a City Council meeting in Saco before the vote on whether to proceed or to table the casino proposal. He always stayed in the shawdow, working behind the scenes. He a corporate-democrat. He is not pro-labor or pro-union.
    After that incident, i no longer any respect for Senator Diamond. MSEA needs to get real democrats elected or form a LABOR party similar to what exists in Great Britian and Aussieland

  3. You gave up respect for collective bargaining when you let Strimiling save MSEA's butt!

    Fairsahre was more important i.e.money for you
    and votes for Baldacci! You guys laid the foundation for this now your crying!

    Heck, you then couldn't even save your savior
    in an election!!!

  4. Sorry you can't spell Fair Share. MSEA "let" Strimling save your job. If you had that much disgust for Fair Share you should have quit, your friends quit, and left us with only Union Members to deal with.

  5. To the poster who's blaming Ethan Strimiling and Fair Share for this fiscal crisis: wake up and look around. This fiscal crisis was caused by the banksters and Wall Street greed-heads. The greedy bankers and hedge fund brokers in their love of money and greed have brought us this fiscal catastrophe. And what does the Fed Govt do? The corporate Repugs and D'rats in Washington, save the banksters butts with taxpayer funded bailouts. The US taxpayer rescues these evil banksters!? The economic world is turned on its head ( it is upside down). The Fed Govt is suppose to help the poor in need not the super rich banksters. The US govt loaned/gave billions of dollars to the banksters. Citibank: $50 Billion, Bank of America: $45 Billion, JP Morgan Chase: $24 Billion, Wells Fargo: 25 Billion, the list goes on and on. These corporate politicians are owned by the corporate thugs that control the US Govt. It is all part of the new world order. The unions are the only road block to the new world order. This is why the corporate thugs want to destroy all the unions. Without the union, you will have very few benefits if any; no job security whatsoever; very little vacation time if any. You will be a wage slave to the new world order (NWO). The only way to stop the NWO is to be an active member of your union and fight for the working stiffs.
    In solidarity,

    PS, So in the future, when you are cold and hungry, eat a banker.


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