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Monday, May 18, 2009

Cutting State Employees and Raising taxes is called Savings

I am older that I want to admit but tonight I am being educated. Listening to the appropriations committee discussing both raising taxes for all Mainers and cutting pay and benefits for all Mainers. Both scenarios are called "acheiving savings".

Representative Millet wants to discuss the "savingss" achieved by going "above and beyond" what the governor proposed for cuts to State employees.

Not matching the income tax reductions to match the Federal reductions are also called savings.

Who is saving? Maine citizens? No. State Employees? No. Quote of the night "I have no problem cutting salaries of those making $150K". Make you a deal, give me $150K and I will pay twenty percent of my medical and take a ten percent cut in pay..........and say thank you.

The same committee has no problem cutting the salaries of those making under 30K by as much as five to ten percent each year. No problems at all.

Listening to Rep. Martin I can understand the argument against term limits. Nothing slides by, no amendment is too complex. He asks "How does it affect Mainers?"

7:57 Pm State Employees piece Not done. Dinner Break. They will be back with an amendment after dinner break.

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