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Fascism is recognized to have first been officially developed by Benito Mussolini, who came to power in Italy in 1922. To sum up fascism in one word would be to say "anti-liberalism".

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

U.S. trades Texas

25 April 2009

Obama trades Texas to Mexico

WASHINGTON - With the clock ticking down on his final 100 days in office, President Barack Obama made one final big decision that many believe will help shape his Presidency. Following hours of give-and-take negotiations, Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon agreed to a blockbuster trade that will send the U.S. state of Texas to Mexico in exchange for the vacation hot-spot of CancĂșn, the famed Mexican soccer club Cruz Azul, and top-ranked female golfer Lorena Ochoa.

“This trade was hard to make, but we felt it was something we had to do to strengthen the nation,” said Obama at a hastily arranged press conference. “Texas did a lot for this country over the years, and the fans won’t forget it. Texas will always have a place in our hearts, and we wish them well as they embark on their new Mexican adventure.”

Obama Administration officials said that the President felt a change had to be made when Texas Republicans - let by Governor Rick Perry - began clamoring for secession. Facing an April 29th trading deadline, pulled the trigger on the deal when Calderon relented and agreed to include Ochoa, the LPGA’s No. 1 golfer, in the trade...
The text, image, and great comedy go to the William K. Wolfrum Chronicles, hop over and read the rest of the story. Stay a while.

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