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Fascism is recognized to have first been officially developed by Benito Mussolini, who came to power in Italy in 1922. To sum up fascism in one word would be to say "anti-liberalism".

...............Socialism and Democracy. Political doctrines pass; peoples remain. It is to be expected that this century may be that of authority, a century of the "Right," a Fascist century."

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Monday, April 6, 2009

How to avoid Union organizing drives for free.

Union Avoidance
How to ignore the EFCA and Stay Union Free

Employers, there are millions to be made by frightening you into believing Unions are bad and that you need to pay someone to learn how to avoid Unions. The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) does not have to affect you or your business. You can make employees ignore Union organizers in a few easy steps.

The fear mongers want your money and tell you that this legislation will eliminate the secret ballot for joining a Union. They want you to believe that you will have no campaign period to present your side to your employees. Did you receive a shiny email telling you your rights as an employer to free speech would be lost? Did they tell you Unions will destroy your business? Consider the source.....Lawyers! They only want your money.

Don’t wait for a Union election to begin. You can start now. You can avoid Unions.

Learn how to fight Big Labor's new push to pass the Employee Free Choice Act and change the way you do business.

Your can learn a new set of strategies at no cost and maintain a union-free environment.

Learn:· Facts about the Employee Free Choice Act.

The EFCA keeps the secret ballot option.

· Make unions irrelevant: Using several secret steps, respect, and fair treatment.

Train your supervisors to deal fairly with employees and treat them as valuable resources, not replaceable cogs.

· You won’t have to know how to spot the early warning signs of unionization
You won’t have to break labor laws and improperly classify employees as supervisors.

Talk with, not to employees and learn how listening will help you to fight a union organizing campaign

Learn to respect you employees legal rights during a Union campaign and even if a Union is put in place you will already be ahead of the game, not facing the growing tendency for the NLRB to rule against breaking the law.

· Respect, pay, listening, these are all lawful steps you can take now to fight organizing efforts

Things you should know:

  • 1: Know the Employee’s Rights Under the Law
  • 2: The Employee Free Choice Act will encourage Unions especially in organizations that do not respect their work force.
  • 3: Train Supervisors to Spot Warning Signs of bad management.
  • 4: Make Unions Irrelevant through Pay, respect, and being willing to listen.
  • 5: How to Effectively Use the Art of Listening To Stay Union Free
  • 6: Make Unions Irrelevant through Continuous Employee relations that include honest two way conversations.
  • 7: How to fight a Union Organizing Campaigns
  • Number 7, we give away free. You have every day to engage your employees. Start now and when a Union organizer shows up your employees will already be well paid, well trained, and respected. The Unions won’t have anything to offer.

For one low price…….Free you can train as many corporate owners as you like.

The toughest challenge in the fight to stay union-free is ignorance. The lack of knowledge about Unions is what the Union busters live on. Remember they don’t care if they tell the truth; they only want your money.

Know the Employee’s Rights Under the Law

It is hard to believe after the last eight years, but Non-Unionized employees are protected under the law and Unions are spending big money to educate these employees. You can be prosecuted for breaking the law.

If you don’t listen to your employees you will never know when they are going to complain using the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). In the past employers without unions believed they could easily violate the NLRA in day-to-day operations. You don’t need an expensive firm to tell you that treating employees fairly will get you their loyalty.

The Employee Free Choice Act Will be law. Don’t be in a position to be prosecuted.
The passage of the EFCA will
dramatically change your workplace. You will be forced by law to do things you could do now on your own, you can recognize and bargain in good faith with a labor union without requiring a secret-ballot vote!
That is the law now. Why pay to avoid what is already the law? Under the EVCA signed authorization cards can be obtained before you're even aware of the Union campaign. If you interfere in the card-gathering activities, you would be subject to civil penalties!

* The
EFCA and how it would modify existing law
The EFCA will not eliminate the employees’ right to secret ballot elections for joining a union
The EFCA will encourage collective bargaining and encourage parties toward an agreement
EFCA mandatory arbitration may leave you unhappy or leave your employees disgruntled. Most likely you will both be unhappy. You can solve this now, why wait?

The EFCA will create real penalties for NLRA violations, including increased use of injunctions to remedy possible violations and the ability to impose fines of up to $20,000 for each violation

Train Supervisors to treat employees fairly and avoid an Organizing Campaign
Employers have the right to talk to employees now. They can participate in their employee’s lives by listening and improving working conditions. You can stop a UnionUnion. When you find bad management, learn how to respond appropriately, go to the employees, talk, and find out what is going on. They have great ideas and they want you to succeed so they will have jobs. before the Union organizers ever show up. They will be showing up and it’s more important than ever for your supervisors to learn how to treat employees and to stop the first signs of bad management. Unfair treatment, intimidation. Favoritism. These are the things that will bring in a

Learning :
Educate supervisors to understand the economic and non-economic reasons why employees may turn to a union
Train supervisors to respect employees rights if they engage in union activity, including what they can and cannot say
Teach supervisors to be willing and available to discuss employee concerns and answer any employee questions

Make Unions Irrelevant Through Effective Employee Relations
Employees’ acceptance or rejection of union representation is heavily influenced by the relationship they have with their supervisors. So what can your management team do to improve that relationship? Train your supervisors to become involved with the employees and not to see them as raw material.

The “jerk manager ” – who they are and why they lead to unionization and how to avoid it
Promote the type of supervisor that employees want to work for will help keep your workplace union free
Holding supervisors accountable for their human relations performance and how it helps your union avoidance strategies
Train supervisors to engage employees on workplace issues
Establish communication and management policies that instill positive manager-employee relations

Bonus – Many reversals of Bush era “employer friendly” rules are expected. You may no longer be able to call the janitor a supervisor because he or she is able to write. Learn how to give them respect now, and make it seem like your idea, not the result of a new law.

Use the Art of Persuasion To Stay Union Free IF EFCA becomes law, employers will no longer have the extended period to intimidate fire and coerce employees to reject a union. With fewer tools, employers will have to ramp up a new strategy based on persuasion. You could hire a consultant, but if you start now you won’t need to.

Understanding what you have been doing wrong and why the
mood is ripe for unionization
Understand immigration and why new workforce demographics could lead to increased unionization
Give them what they want: Seems simple, but it works. The employee won’t force you out of business and a secure workforce is more productive.
How to use work-life balance by granting your employees enough time to be a part of their families lives.

Create programs that will position your company as an “employer of choice”
Why building support in the workforce
can go a lot farther than fear in persuading employees to reject unionization

Make Unions Irrelevant Through Continuous Employee Involvement
Honestly Educating the workforce about unions while doing nothing for your own employees is the worst defense against unionization. “You don’t really want better pay and benefits, do you?” Learn how to use a long-term approach that begins with new hires and continues with sustained information that’s delivered to the workforce using employee surveys, internal magazines and company intranet.
If you treat your employees well they will be your best allies.

Start early to Fight Organizing Campaigns
After the passage of the EFCA if you find a union has targeted your workplace, it is probably too late. Your employees are not happy and you didn’t know it. The way that you respond will be very important, because it could result in unfair labor practice claims and hugely expensive legal bills. When the EFCA passes, illegal actions will be severely fined. The additional penalties, including one that requires triple back pay for unfair labor practices deemed willful or repeated.

Under the EFCA illegal actions will be monitored. Both unions and employers will be subject to fines for illegal practices during the organizing process
The EFCA will not preclude employers from exercising their free speech rights under the NLRA to communicate with employees before they make a final decision on the issue of unionization You can communicate now and every day, long before you will ever see an organizer. You have a tremendous head start.

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