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Friday, August 22, 2008

Only with a union do workers vote

Next time someone tells you that the Employee Free Choice act is bad for workers rights get out your spray can!

From Jack McKay President of the Eastern Maine Labor Council. The EMLC still remembers why we need Unions and Jack does a better job of explaining the truth than many writers.
The EMLC offers training, outreach to nonunion employees, and much more. The lies that have been on TV and in the papers have been so bad that even Susan Collins had to come out and condemn them. Good move, but months late and only because she finally realized that Mainers do "have a clue" and can spot B.S. especially when it is piled high enough to make you walk around it.

One thing Jack does not mention in this space is an answer to one of the anti Union ads being run. They claim (wrongly) that the EFCA would take away the right to a secret ballot. The answer to this is the employer has taken the rights of free speech, because you can be fired for talking pro union at work, the right to free association, because you can be fired for hanging around with a union sympathizer. The right to equal justice under the law, wave bye bye, as after you are fired even if proven illegal the company faces no penalties other than back pay. If a company illegally stops a Union from being formed, no penalties, only an OOPSIE! The Union still does not get recognized. I guess that the big money behind these ads wants to maintain their right to deny your rights.

Training on organizing and EFCA along with outreach at Folk Festival
hosted by the Worker Center of Eastern Maine with training by MSEA organizer Mike Sylvester
9-12 Saturday, August 23rd
EMLC Solidarity Center
Media Event- the truth: Only with a union do workers vote
or the big lie of business, Collins and McCain in their attacks on unions
10:00 Wednesday, August 27th
Location to be announced
Labor Day Media Event:
Religious and community leaders stand up for truth and voting at work
2:30, Monday September
EMLC Solidarity Center
Brothers and Sisters,
As you all know, there is an enormous lie campaign going on about unions and the Employee Free Choice Campaign. Actually several lies. The biggest and most blatant is that unions are opposed to voting. The exact opposite is true. Only with a union do workers get to vote on wages, benefits, working conditions. Only with a union do workers elect officers and representatives. Non union workers never get to vote on any of these things. Ever.
Yet big business is trying to trick people into thinking that unions want less voting. But now they have overreached. Their lies are too blatant. Their chosen politicians like Senator Susan Collins and John McCain also pass off the same lie. And its time to call them out.
We need details on all our affiliates examples of voting in the past year. On contracts, elected officers, whether or not to go to arbitration. Any time your union voted. We will aggregate these numbers and put out the truth in the light of day.
We also need elected union officials to speak on Wednesday at our press conference.
Thanks for your support. Together, we can turn back this smear campaign and bring back truth to the public debate about organizing unions.
In Solidarity,

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