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Thursday, August 14, 2008

AFL-CIO Starts a Blog


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I suppose some would say we are not supposed to get along with the AFL-CIO or with AFSCME but the AFL-CIO has just started a blog and it show us we are not alone. Sometimes being in the MSEA-SEIU all we get surrounded by a sea of purple and forget that there are thousands of othre Union members in Maine, thousands of Mainers that think the way we do.

We are organizing and bringing new members into MSEA-SEIU but it has to go farther than that, we have to reach out to all Mainers and all Union brothers and sisters. We all need to make sure that John McCain is not the next term for George Bush.

The AFL-CIO blog is a good one with a lot of good news, a lot of positive ideas that will bring some support for all of us.

I did notice that although they had a number of Labor Leaders of the week there was no one from MSEA. I am going to make a small step by placing this link in this post and by adding them to by blogroll.

Please check them out, see what other Union Mainers are thinking.


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