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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Union writers needed.

This letter from a co-worker says what so many State Employees feel. I never publish a name unless permission is granted in the email. This is the type of involvement we need. So many of us feel there is little we can do, but that is wrong. We vote and we can let legislators know we vote.
If you have any good stories about waste in State government or you just want to have your ideas heard, write in and let everybody know how you feel. We know how State Government works. We know where money could be cut. The employee suggestion program with the whopping $100.00 reward is a joke. The suggestion was made to the legislature that they stop having separate departments of their own to handle services already provided to other agencies and cut overhead. They laughed.

I guess a lot of us are wondering why the focus is on the state workers in general instead of the ones who are pulling down $50 and up per hour. We have more "managers" than Carter has little liver pills and they make more than we do..... a lot more. A few years ago, when I was working for DHS, I made a suggestion to Mr. Concannon about how DHS could be pulling in a bit of revenue........he didn't want to be bothered to get off his duff and even explore the possibility.....everyone else liked the idea. It is a total joke to ask state workers for suggestions.......so, people are going to lose their jobs, etc. because the folks on the hill have no intention of giving up anything. We are expected to do that......there, I have vented a bit. Thank you.


The last proposal I saw was the suggestion that all employees with dependent care should have their payments increased to cover the shortage and protect health care for single employees. That suggestion came from a Union Member that probably has no idea where our benefits came from and most likely can't spell Union.

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