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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fair and Balanced

This is a very Pro-Union site so I thought I should give some time to the other side. Since Fox news or AMG writers don’t usually visit here I thought it only fair if I were to try to present their side of the picture as I imagine they might put it.

Q. Do I have to let a union representative into my house?
A. No. A union representative has no more right to enter your house than any other paid salesperson. But if you don’t they are likely to steal your pets and burn your house down after nailing your doors and windows shut. If you can, let them in and try to sneak off and call 1-800-Anne Coulter for help.

Q. Do I have to sign a union authorization card?
A. No. You don’t have to sign a card. Under the law you have the right not to join a union but you will need to be prepared for the Union thugs that will threaten or coerce you into joining. They will put viruses on your PC, poison your dog, and give your credit card number out on the web.

Q. What difference does it make if I sign a union authorization card?
A. You should know that Homeland Security is notified of everyone signing a card as a potential terrorist.
If you are such a wimp and an unpatriotic weenie that you sign a card, it increases the chances that the union will be able to file a petition for an election. If that should happen, you should expect even more pressure from the union to vote for it if an election is held. If this is allowed it could result in a democratic election and management will no longer be able to take care of you in the way they feel you deserve.

Q. Union organizers say that everyone else is joining the union. Why shouldn’t I join too?
A. It is a common organizing tactic of unions to claim that “nearly everyone has signed” a union membership application card and only a few more signatures would make it 100 percent. Actually, no one usually signs up, it is a proven fact that the Unions forge almost 100% of all cards turned in and only liberal judges enforcing outmoded ideas of free speech have let this practice continue. Many employees sign to keep from being terrorized by the organizers. This is why the law does not punish employer forced training sessions and permits the firing of so called Union supporters as disruptive elements for your protection.

Union representatives are “paid salespersons” who threaten, coerce, pressure, bother and needle workers. Management is the voice of reason simply trying to inform workers of their right to be left alone. This is America and if you do good work you will be well paid, you don't need a Union.

Q. Will it cost me anything to belong to this union?
A. In all likelihood, yes. Unions collect monthly dues, and besides that there are a lot of other charges such as payoffs to keep your job, initiation fees, assessments and contributions to organizations and causes a union may sponsor or support. Unions also fine and suspend members who violate any of the union’s many by-laws and rules forbidding any “disloyalty” to the union. Voting Republican is considered legitimate grounds to fine workers 100% of their pay for six months.

Q. What can the union fine its members for?
A. Pretty much anything they want. Depending on the union’s internal rules. Most union constitutions and by-laws provide that the union can fine you for almost anything – for not attending union meetings, for trying to come into work if there is a strike, or for talking back to an officer of the union.

Q. Is it true that a union may require its members to pay more than dues each month?
A. Yes. The union may require a member to contribute to the international union, as well as to pay charges for political contributions, informational clinics, building funds, private swimming pools for the leadership, and other special project funds. If a member refuses to pay these special assessments, your union membership may be suspended or you may be fined by the union or even expelled by the union.

You may be forced to take paid vacations or paid sick leave under the claim that those benefits will somehow help you. Since the benefits come directly out of profits, taking any of these benefits will only help to lower CEO morale and you certainly don’t want to be working for an outfit that can not keep the CEO happy.

Unions claim that the federal Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959 guarantees union members the right to vote by secret ballot on local dues and assessments. Union members also have rights to free speech, due process in any disciplinary procedures and to sue their unions in court. While true in fact, since so many Union companies failed during the seven years (of the Bush Labor Dept.) , it won’t matter anyway.

Even though SEIU bylaws guarantee all members the right “to receive a fair and open hearing in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws on any charge brought by him/her or against him/her.” and do not require political contributions (which are voluntary) and specifically allow member votes before raising dues or assessments, it does not matter because the SEIU bosses have all been trained in secret hypnotic techniques to turn members into puppets.

Weighing the facts on where the real wages are is easy even if you use the SEIU figures.

While it is true that Union employees earn up to 30% more in wages and benefits you risk being called a Union puppet and you will lose the right to let your employer make all of the decisions about your working conditions and pay. Joining a Union will mean that you may need to think for yourself and we both know you can’t do that. We in management don’t want you to risk all of that for a possible 30% increase in pay and benefits. A well run company wants to keep some of the employees happy and we know we won’t be happy with a Union


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  1. Response to Fair and Balanced from the Editor.

    The Wimps as AMG are howling and whining about how unfair this is, how poorly written.

    It is too bad they didn't take time enough to find out that all I had to do to write the article was to copy some of the attitudes expressed in their threads.

    If make me glad they think their comments are unfair and poorly written.
    Tom M.


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