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Saturday, February 2, 2008

George Bush doesn't like it

While the title of this article is George Bush doesn't like it. I don't think Susan Collins likes Tom Allen very much either. She too thinks it a wast of money to investigate fraud. Cheat the taxpayer, cheat our troops, fire the patriots that discover the crooks. Susan Collins thinks missing equipment, bad food, and putting our soldiers at risk doesn't deserve to be investigated.
Think about it, if you are a Republican do you want her to be the face of your party?

A quick update from the campaign of Tom Allen. The campaign offices send these to me and they know I can't help but put my own spin on them. Tom would be far better for Maine that Susan C.
but his office needs to learn how to do constituent services correctly.

Just tonight I got a letter from Tom Allen's office telling me there was nothing they could do about Foster care cuts in Maine. As the foster care stipends are based on Federal law, and receive Federal money, I question the knowledge of the aide that did the research.
In other words, the answer I got was wrong. Missouri Foster parents won a case based on Federal provisions in 2006. At the least the office could have provided references to the valid laws and offered the assistance of Tom Allen's office to make sure the State was toeing the line and take advantage of shoddy level of George Bush oversight. Foster parents in Tom's district should email his office and tell him you will remember if he helps, and you will remember if he doesn't.

With all of that said, Tom Allen would make a far better (about five bajillion times) office holder than his opponent. Susan Collins has been a tremendous disappointment to the Republican party while managing to do damage to Democratic ideals. Voting for Collins is the same as voting for cold oatmeal. Functional but unappetizing.

Edited for this blog:

This week, President Bush issued several signing statements that directly contradict the will of Congress, the American people, and legislation that Tom Allen has authored.

Well, you know you’re doing something right when the President doesn’t like it.

If George Bush is afraid of this legislation, it must be on the right track. Tom has authored and championed two of the four pieces of legislation that the President’s signing statements attempt to overrule. Last night, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart weighed in on this issue. Click here to see the video.

Editor: Don't watch it at work unless you are willing to choke down your laughs.

George has said he has the right to destroy the constitution, over rule congress, fire employees that want to report waste and fraud. It all ends next January.

Jon Stewart uses humor to highlight a serious problem with the President’s actions, which show just how far the President will go to continue his war.

Tom led the fight to prevent taxpayer money to be used for permanent military bases in Iraq. This legislation is absolutely necessary to show the Iraqi people and the rest of the world that America does not want to be in Iraq permanently.

Tom ....co-sponsored a law that would create a bi-partisan commission to root out wartime waste, fraud and abuse – just like what Harry Truman created during World War II. We need this commission to protect the troops and the taxpayers from corrupt contractors like Halliburton, KBR, and Bechtel. Editor: (Remember the point, Bush thinks digging out fraud is bad, selling shoddy food or goods to our troops is ok?

Tom, you are far better than Susan, but please do your homework.
P.S. I wrote to Susan, and Olympia. They didn't even have the courtesy to send a form letter.

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  1. Just want to balance your recent disappointment - I have turned to Tom Allen's office on multiple ocassions for information and assistance.

    To be fair, I haven't requested help in the thick of one of the most important campaigns in decades. However, at all other times the response has been rapid, accurate, and most important, effective.

    There is another Mark from Hallowell, Mark Sullivan. He is Tom's exquisite "git 'er done" guy and a fellow of some brilliance. If anyone can multitask and help run a Senate race while keeping up with constituent needs, Mark's your man. Give him a call on the CMS rule-making over-reach.

    Inspite of my personal affection for Susan Collins, Tom Allen is going to be an historic Maine Senator.


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