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Monday, January 14, 2008

A vote for John Edwards

From my cramped computer room I can hear my wife and my kids. My daughter says “Daddy Geek” is blogging again!” We just watched the Red Green show on NPR and I have to get ready to plow a second time. I plow the half mile of road leading to my house the town doesn’t maintain or reduce my taxes for maintaining. Today as many other days I listened to talk radio so I will know my enemy and today I learned that if it snows in Maine in winter it proves there is no Global warming.

My family is all that is important to me. It doesn’t mean that I am not proud of the work I do but I work to live not live to work. I need to plow, but first I want to share some thoughts, maybe hopes, maybe some dreams of ideals about who I will support in this presidential election.

My wife and I adopted three children, each with various challenges so one of our constant concerns is healthcare. I have good healthcare through my job but we still pay a lot for dental care, eye care, and for deductibles. Eye care and dental care are not considered to be “health” concerns. Our premiums for the family portion continue to rise and the far right politicians keep trying to sacrifice the rest of our healthcare on the altar of votes. I am afraid that rates will continue to go up until health care benefits will become too juicy a target. The politicians will claim that they only want to make us pay “a little more” until we have no health care or can not afford the care available. Even with a comparably good job I have not gotten a raise large enough to keep up with the cost of living increases for over ten years. Because we kept our health care in place of raises, we are falling farther and farther behind.

John Edwards has not only the best universal health care proposal, but has the only realistic approach. He won’t force a one size fits all approach, attack Unions, or attempt to destroy corporate profits. He won’t quit and roll over to the right. John Edward’s plan will lower rates by new laws and incentives. Government will not force out private insurers but will become an active player providing competition that doesn't exist now. This will stop the ever increasing rounds of increases in premiums and allow me to keep my family healthy. Reform is needed to keep our retirees from having to choose not between food and medicine, but between food and just a little bit of medicine. Edwards Health care and Pro-Union attitude are important to me and give me the reasons I need to vote for Edwards.

It won’t do any good to keep my kids healthy if the world is dragged into a endless series of wars that drag down the economy and destroy Americas leading role in the world. Without a focus on this country we will never be able to deal with the issues that affect working citizens. Not billions, but sums moving to the trillions are unsupportable by even the world’s greatest economy. The money spent so far in Iraq could have nearly gained the U.S. complete energy independence even with the state of current solar, wind, and other alternative technologies. I want to believe that all of the Democratic candidates would stop the loss of our blood and our treasure while still protecting the United States. I hope all of the Democratic candidates would get our troops out of Iraq but I will vote for Edwards because he has called for our troops to be out in ten months. John Edwards has said that he will end the policy of preventive war.

The preventive war policy is an excuse to start wars without proof and then to blame any group opposed to war as unpatriotic. While still in office the Bush administration is trying to start the drums beating to support another war in Iran.

Edwards will maintain the strength of our armed forces and deter our enemies when they know we are not so overextended that we can not deal with one more incursion.

John Edwards will not run out on American responsibilities, he will allow us to regain respect while maintaining a strong deterrent.

Do you remember “It’s the economy stupid”? John Edwards has not measured the state of the economy by how many dollars have been made by the few at the top. Edwards has always measured the economy by how many are being harmed. He realizes that more Americans are suffering from loss of jobs and the destruction of the middle class as this war continues with not control on expenses and no end in sight. If you think the economy is great, ask the UAW, airline employees, and former steel workers.

Edwards doesn’t try to buy votes by appealing only to Unions or to special interest groups with promises of perks. His plans will help all Americans. He will deal with the economy as a whole realizing that a rising tide floats all boats, and he will make sure there are enough life boats on this cruise. It won’t be only the first class passengers that get to board.

Maine and the country are heading for rough water, and the ship of state will need a good captain, that doesn’t cry full steam ahead and damn the icebergs.

I don’t know why so many Union members have written off his campaign. Read the actual numbers and whether he wins or not, right now he has a good chance. He will continue to have my vote until we decide on a Democratic nominee.

If Edwards doesn't win, I could settle for Silver: John Edwards as secretary of Labor.

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