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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Chellie Pingree Candidate for Congress

Chellie Pingree, candidate for Congress in Maine's First Congressional District sent in her Biography and the candidate, through her campaign office has agreed to answer questions from readers. What do you want to ask? Sign up for this site, and then place your questions in the comments. We will accept questions until until December 21 but let's give the candidate a break and not look for answers until after Christmas. I really didn't know enough about the candidate until I read her biography found here. The record is impressive. The real measure of a candidate is not what they promise but who they are and what they have done. I have written to our two Republican Congressional representatives and they have never bothered to answer. The one time I requested help for a State violation of the Federal Fair Labor Standards act, Snowe's office finally sent me a message saying it was a State matter. What part of "Federal Fair Labor Standards Act" didn't she want to understand?
Since the last Congressional election cycle the voters know they can regain control of their country. Please read the candidate's Biography and check out her voting record. Andy Stern should be hoping she wins.
A couple of excerpts.

Chellie Pingree’s Labor Record

1992 – 2000: Knox County Senator and Senate Majority Leader

...State Senator, including four years as Senate Majority Leader....Chellie demonstrated her strength as a lead and fighter for workers’ rights and the labor movement......She also was a strong supporter of expanding workers’ benefits......Chellie voted...to allow workers to sue their employers and to limit mandatory overtime...she also supported legislation to ban professional strikebreakers. ..note how many battles Chellie fought with labor by her side and vice versa. From corporate accountability to fair pricing of prescription drugs, Chellie’s relationship with labor runs deep and has produced some remarkable victories for the people of Maine.

Pingree’s AFL-CIO COPE Rating











Pingree on the Issues 1998-2000

Corporate Accountability: Pingree

sponsored Legislation....so the (State)...could get money back from companies that move jobs out of state. In 1998, Pingree worked with workers and union leaders to pass LD 2243 .......If a company doesn’t comply with the standards laid forth in the Act or fails to create or maintain the jobs as promised in its incentive package, the...provision of the Act kicks in and mandates that the violating company must return all money back to the state. [LD 2243,1999] (Editor: Imagine that, if the company lies, they have to give back the money. I LIKE it!)

Living wage: ..... “We shouldn’t subsidize businesses with economic development incentives and then have to subsidize those workers to get off of food stamps and Medicaid,”

Organizing: Pingree voted to allow legislative workers to join unions. (LD 2096, 4/7/98)

Family and Medical Leave: Pingree voted to expand family and medical leave. (LD 406, 5/6/93)

Permanent Replacement Workers: Pingree voted to prohibit hiring permanent replacement workers. (LD 66, 4/29/97)

Strikebreakers: Pingree voted to prohibit professional strikebreakers. (LD 113, 5/5/97)

Pingree as a Leader for Working Families

Chellie Pin gree fought to keep jobs in Maine. According to the Bangor Daily News, “The workers at Van Baalen [a subsidiary of Nautica] in Rockland will never forget the state senator from North Haven.” ......when the plant announced it would close.......Pingree...worked with company officials to cancel the move..(and)..assisted...with a 330,000-square-foot expansion of the facility that boosted the work force to more than 300 employees.

Nautica Chairman Announcement Business Would Remain in Maine. A few months later, “Our business will remain in Maine,” Nautica Chairman Harvey Sanders said. Van Baalen, a subsidiary of Nautica, is a clothing firm with 135 -1 50 employees and a $3 million payroll, which has been in Rockland since 1939. Because of unprecedented business expansion, the company has outgrown its 200,000 -square-foot building in the city industrial park.

.....Althea Leach of Union, a Van Baalen employee. "She not only talked the talk. She walked the walk,’ Leach said.” [Bangor Daily News, 6/07/0 1]

Pingree on the Issues 2002-2007

Chellie ran a...campaign against....Susan Collins in......2002. (With)....the support and endorsement of virtually all labor unions, and thousands of supporters across the state of Maine, her campaign was considered strong even if it was not a good year from Democrats, in Maine or across the country.

In 2003,Chellie was....national president of the government watchdog organization Common Cause.....she fought for fair elections and “counting every vote,”......Under Pingree's watch, Common Cause...helped to expose the corrupt ethics and practices of leaders such as Tom Delay and Duke Cunningham.

Pingree continued to be an outspoken and forceful advocate for workers.... At Common Cause she helped.....(fight) the Bush administration from undermining workers rights.....by developing a Free Trade Area of the Americas.

Pingree also led efforts in Washington to fight against no-bid contracts given to companies like Haliburton with little or no oversite and cost controls.

Chellie Pingree on current legislation

If Chellie Pingree were in Congress today, she would be an ally to working people: Pingree supports H.R. 800, The Employee Free Choice Act

Pingree supports H.R. 676, The United States National Health Insurance Act

Pingree would not support additional “free trade” agreements; would push for the reexamination of existing trade agreements,.......

Appointments, Awards and Union Membership

Pingree is a proud member of the National Writers’ Union/UAW Local 1981.

Pingree serves on the board of the national organization, Wal-Mart Watch, and previously served on the board of Families USA, which advocates for universal health care.

Editor: As long as this list of accomplishments is, this is only a heavily edited distillation of the record of Chellie Pingree. Read her record, ask yourself "What would Dick Cheney do?" and you will know we should find out all we can about Chellie Pingree.

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  1. We could use a real woman in Congress not a Bush shoe shiner. Labor, wake up! Candidates running for office are looking for your support.

    Don't stay away from the polls.
    P.S. How in Hades did she ever find time to do all of that and still have a good family life?

  2. Chellie is clearly the best candidate for the job!

    It's about time that Maine Democrats elected a woman to higher office, especially such a well-qualified one!

  3. Nautica bailed out on Maine. Did the State get it's money back? I doubt it.
    What would she do to change that?


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