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Sunday, August 12, 2007

"They" don't think the Unions are weak. They are scared.

E.T.I. 2009

The claim is made over and over that the Unions are growing weaker. Membership has gone down and now it will start to go up! The fact that tens of thousands of Federal employees were denied rights to a Union because they were in Homeland Security shows that the real threat Bush was fighting was the Unions, not Osama.

The claim is made mostly to potential Union members, employees that will be voting to join a Union.

I wondered if the Unions were so weak why are they so scared? I did some research and put together information that shows what the Union haters are telling each other. They don't seem the think the Unions are ready to fade!

They tell their employees how bad and weak the Unions are but they tell each other a different story. I have read what the corporations are telling each other. See if this sounds like they think the Unions are weak.

They are scared because the Employee Free Choice Act "EFCA" passed in the House with Both Democrat and Republican Support.

Here is a summary of what employers and “Union avoidance” experts are telling each other.

The EFCA will severely limit the right to oppose Unionization. The card checks substituting for NLRB secret ballot elections would make it too easy to start a Union.

Both the AFL-CIO and Change to Win have promised $750.000.000 for new organizing.

Union Win Rate Explodes to 60% of NLRB Elections in 2006

They pay experts to tell them they are getting bad press. They pay to learn that church leaders and elected officials don’t like lousy treatment, low pay, and having the taxpayer foot the bill for a rich employer that could afford to give employees benefits.

The avoidance experts get paid to tell the employer to have an issue free workplace and become the type of employer employees want to work for. They don’t mention anything about paying more or giving benefits.

The "Union avoidance experts teach employers how to deny first amendment rights and how to threaten employees that may use blogs, podcasts, or You Tube to broadcast messages in support of Union organizing.

I love this quote

Today's Unions Have

Changed to Win.

_____Unions including the SEIU, UNITE-HERE, UFCW, and the Teamsters left the AFL-CIO to form CHANGE TO WIN to start aggressive new organizing. --------the AFL-CIO threw its support to the remaining unions further bolstering union organizing efforts nationwide. The Unions have had extraordinary union organizing victories in both NLRB elections and card checks.

In 2006, Labor political activity elected the most pro-labor Congress in over 25 years. .

In 2007, EFCA passed with overwhelming support in the House by both Democrats and Republicans. This bill will be back.

Andy Stern and Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. have become the most successful labor-leaders of the last decade.

The Union's new targets are health care, retail, elder care aids, building services, janitorial workers, nurses, telecommunications and call centers, finance and insurance, and more. Of course they still remain strong in many governmental jobs.

The Unions are fighting for health care benefits and costs, job security, employee rights, and outsourcing, by blaming corporate greed and irresponsibility.

The AFL-CIO has started HUGE political and publicity campaigns to pass union-friendly laws including EFCA, protect labor agreements, state health care mandates, local living wage laws, expanded prevailing wage laws, and state card check statutes.

Attend the training and you can learn how to define nearly anyone as a “supervisor" under the latest NLRB decision. Under the Bush NLRD a supervisor can’t be a Union member.

They go on to tell the employer that the “weak” Unions using new techniques won twice as many members as they did through the old fashion election.

E.T.I. 2009

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