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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Exposing Big Labor, The new "New Deal".

The election is over Barack Obama is president elect. We can only solve the problems of the economy if we know how we got here and understand that expecting the Democrats to fix the problem is like trying to drown a fish.

How did we get to this low point in American economics? It was not easy to knock down the worlds largest industrial giant. It took over 70 years and constant attempts.

Seventy years ago started the long decline in American manufacturing power and influence. In the 1930s employers were free to pay employees what they were worth, and in turn employees could choose to work or starve as the liberal "safety nets" were not in place to provide incentive to those who would not freely accept their employers decision on wages. While looking for an excuse to take money from the upper income levels had not been successful the so called "Great Depression" gave the left the excuse to ram the New Deal legislation through congress. It was filled with special interest perks to big labor. Union bosses rammed through anti-business laws such as minimum wage, child labor laws, and the National Labor Relations Board, all attacks on the free market..

Note* I say so called "Great Depression" because the statistics show that almost none of the true producers of wealth, those in the top 1% of incomes suffered any actual loss of income or only small losses for a short time. During a downturn that did not affect the real sources of wealth and before what has become known as the trickle down theory could correct the economy, Big Labor pounced.

Poor families were denied the chance to grow their incomes and parental rights were attacked when their rights as parents were taken, when the ability to let children contribute was stopped by the passage of anti family child labor laws.

In 1938 big government took another lurch to the left when Roosevelt pushed through the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), forcing a minimum wage and the 40-hour work week on families that had come to depend on the income a seven day, sixteen hour a day job provided. Suddenly these families were cut to the bone and were forced to work a 40 hour week while the employers were punished with prohibitively expensive overtime laws.

America was too strong and even with these crippling blows to American competitiveness our country won the second world war. After the war the true rot started showing when Union membership rose to nearly 35% of the work force. The damage to the economy was disguised with claims that a single worker could support a family on one paycheck and Big Labor showed families buying houses, cars and moving to the suburbs. The crash had to come.

The partnership between Big Labor and the left wing continues to attempt the destruction of the the economy. In a further attempt to damage our industrial leaders, the left claims that American workers are time-poor, and point to the six weeks a year nearly every European employee from the lowest employee up gets from day one.

This is another attempt to ruin America's competitive edge. The left has now started a "Take back your Time day" campaign in an attempt to force employers to give paid time to everyone, and not let them make free choices. This whole moverment is the reason why people can't try to improve their lives. The government is making it impossible to work the old schedules and to take so much vacation time there will be time for anything else.

Many workers are still trying to get around the government restrictions on their incomes by working a second or even a third job while liberals whine that they should be able to make a living however modest on one 40 hour week. Instead of letting workers work all the hours needed to bring American industry labor costs below foreign competition they continue to try to drain the very life blood from great corporations like Wal-Mart by demanding what they call a "living wage".

Even with the FLSA and Big Labor Americans are fighting back. In an attempt to throw off the enforced idleness of a 40 hour week workers the number of hours worked each week has gone up dramatically in the last 40 years. Only by working two or three jobs can workers get around the enforced limitation of a 40 hour week for a single job.

We have had small successes in the last eight years. If an employee delivers the time clock reports to the book keeper they can be called a supervisor, even while washing the toilets. This is a blow against liberal attacks on free enterprise but it could be done more easily.

If employees were allowed to work a single 100 hour week they would not waste commuting time or gas to get to another job. Without forced overtime employers would be willing to provide employees more hours on the job.

This forced leisure is causing families to spend time together trying to think of things to do "as a family" when in the old days, the good old days, they would have been able to raise their children, knowing where they were. If the children were working in the factories, they could work near their parents, while saving families the cost of child care.

Taxes would go down as children would learn a trade as they grew, in turn lowering the need for schools that only teach sex and Democratic lies. The liberal agenda promoting so called "quality time" is just a sham to deny families the right to work, and then while the families have nothing to do, trick them into radical social activism.

The first step is to deny them the right to work and to take over parental rights by not allowing families to benefit from the income a child could bring in. The Democrats hope to make America dependent on the Democrats while forcing employers to suffer the loss of income caused by paying the disastrous "living wage".

The first step is to expose Big Labors plan to deny Americans the right to work. We will free the American worker and the American employer from the epidemic of non working free time. These millions of non productive hours that threaten our economy, our way of life, and the trickle down theory itself.

Americans will understand that if most of the income were to be put out to the workers as wages there would be nothing to go to the top and then nothing to trickle down. American workers will not be fooled.

The second step is to push for employer friendly labor policies that free employees to work longer hours in order to provide for ther families. This year, marks 70th anniversary of the FSLA and now the left is calling to finish the job they started so long ago, with new Union thug friendly labor laws like the EFCA and mandates that would make paid vacation a right, not just a benefit that employers have the option of giving to workers when they choose.

The bad news is when many workers were asked how many weeks of vacation they needed over 50 percent said three weeks or more and over 80 percent said they needed a minimum of two weeks.

There is still hope. A recent survey found nearly a third of all employees claimed they took no vacation time at all or took one week or less. Out of all workers two-thirds took less than two weeks off.

The New Deal after 70 years has not succeeded in making the American worker a slacker, the median vacation time taken by employees is still only 8.2 days. If we can take this time back a worker will be able to earn nearly two weeks of additional income every year, an immediate three percent raise!

We can win! It is no coincidence that a report by Reuters says for "the eighth consecutive year, Americans received and used the smallest amount of vacation time among their (European ) counterparts abroad".

Eight years? Coincidence? I don't think so. We might have been able to complete the job if only McCain had won.

Better yet, many employees, up to a third, with 14 paid vacation days will not use all the vacation days they do get.

The dedication of the American worker will not be denied. U.S. adult employees will willingly donate an average of three vacation days to their employers, refusing payment, returning nearly 460 million vacation days to their employers in 2008.

There are many challenges, as the main stream media claims that despite the proof that employees don't use the vacation they have, there is value in vacation. The MSM reports "feelings" (how scientific) that after taking vacation employees are more productive.

Let me blow a hole in that one now. How can you be more productive if you are not at work? No work, no production.

On the positive side"Work responsibilities" was the most given reason for not taking vacation.

More good: When Americans are on vacation, nearly a quarter check work e-mail and/or voicemail. In 2005 it was only a little over 15 percent. Americans are taking back their "right to work".

Longer hours will have a significant economic impact, time off is unproductive, while work is essential to the health of industry.

Allowing longer shifts allows men to put more life into less time and avoid a diminished old age. Bypassing vacations means men are a third more likely suffer from heart disease, and women are 50 percent more likely.

This is true compassionate conservatism. By providing a much quicker and more kindly end, rather than years of forced leisure in so called retirement employees will be saved endless boredom.When you are no longer productive, why would you want to stay around?

By avoiding the costs of old age to the health care system we can reduce the cost of health care, and more time at work can help us do that.

Take back your time. Let the new administration know you want to work, and you want to help American industry recover by ridding industry of 70 years of a 40 hour week, overtime, and your loss of parental rights with so called child labor laws.

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