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Thursday, June 12, 2008

OIT, Pro-Tech, Anyone give a damn?

I owe you guys. Twice you sent me to negotiate contracts for Pro-Tech with the State.
We need help.

An announcement was posted at Edison Drive in Augusta iinviting anyone interested to contact me if they were interested in having any meetings about contract concerns. That mostly OIT building has hundreds of employees. In one DOL office I got a call immediately from a steward and a meeting was set up immediately.
That office had maybe 85 members.

Over 500 emails went to OIT employees........Can you hear the crickets? I am running for a position on the next bargaining team. I will fight for you, even you you won't, but I could use need backup.

I won't try to get a big piece of the pie for OIT if it means cheating someone else but you won't get any of the pie if you don't get in line.

Whether I am elected or not, if you don't care enough to get involved then your concerns won't make it to the table or they will be the first ones tossed.
I want to represent you in the next contract but we need help.

DOT, DOL, ADMIN, OMS, Supervisory, all have active concerned employees with clear goals.
They will be bringing those goals to the first bargaining committee meeting on June 21. They will give up Saturdays to secure a future for their families and to gain respect for the work they do.

If I yell Pro-Tech, Standby, Training, Education benefits, Federal Mileage Rate, Caseloads, will I hear an echo from an empty room?

So far, one member told me, "Sorry I have other commitments" and three fee payers damned me for sending Union Spam.

If you want anything, if you care about yourself or your family, why the hell aren't you getting involved? You can depend on legislative generosity and fair play or you can help yourself.

There is only so much to go around in any contract. If you don't ask, you don't get. That is the process. If you don't get involved it means you are happy, grinning, and grateful to the state for exactly what you get and you don't see anything wrong.


What me cynical?

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