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Saturday, October 27, 2007

MSEA-SEIU Elects a new President and Vice President

E.T.I. 2009

We have a new President and a new V.P.!

The poll on this site picked the V.P. winner!

Not much story on the race for president. Bruce Hodson ran unopposed. My own opinion is that he ran unopposed because his reputation has spread and all of the delegates and potential candidates knew he was the best person for the job.
Good luck Bruce, and thank you Dana Graham.

Originally the V.P. race had 4 candidates. One candidate dropped out but the three remaining candidates made for a great campaign. We had choices and that is what we needed.

All of the candidates ran a great campaign and the members made their choice. I said you can not vote without information and all of the candidates came forward and let us decide on who is to be the MSEA-SEIU candidate for the next two years.

This is part of Ginette's statement and she stuck with this theme during her campaign. No flip flops and no trying to buy votes with promises to any groups. Ginette Rivard, next Vice President of MSEA-SEIU now has two years of missing birthdays, holidays and late night calls to look forward to. I know she wants to do a great job for the membership and not for herself.

I thank Ginette for her kind words about this site.

This website has provided a forum for excellent discussions on various topics of interest. I offer a few thoughts of my own.

  • Imagine every chapter identifying a member who would be willing to serve on the next Bargaining Committee.
  • Imagine work sites having brown bag discussions on various topics for future contracts.
  • Imagine members engaging in problem solving solutions to present to their Bargaining Teams.
  • Imagine all members having a working knowledge of the process.
  • Imagine the next round of bargaining in every unit starting out with solid proposals that have been developed by the members.

One cannot talk of Bargaining these days without being reminded of our brothers and sisters at the Community College system. Workers at these institutions continue to work without a contract. While enrollment has dramatically increased over the last few years, staffing has remained at the same level. They need to be valued for the work they do. I urge all who read this to show their support for these workers by signing a petition being circulated, attending rallies, etc.

Editor: I have been on bargaining teams and I agree that we need to start earlier, develop stronger proposals supported by thorough research. I intend to be following up with Ginette to see what she is going to do to help make this happen.

This site is collecting proposals and they are out there for everyone to see and to comment on.

Do you think we will start sooner? Will the Union follow through on the promises to get going earlier? Over to you, Ginette.

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