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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Secretary of Labor says "You stink"

E.T.I. 2009

You stink, you are an American worker.

The U.S. secretary of labor told Parade magazine the nation’s workers need a bath if they want to keep their jobs.

Secretary Chao told Parade it’s not just the low-cost of foreign labor that is enticing many U.S. employers to ship jobs overseas. The foreign workers dress and bathe better.

It is more than just cheap labor; employers say that foreign workers have a better attitude toward work. “American employees must be punctual, dress appropriately and have good personal hygiene,” says Chao.

Secretary Chaos’s Labor Department changed the rules to deny overtime to millions of workers. This year the Secretary tried to send 250 Department of Labor jobs to foreign workers but failed, this time.

Elaine Chao, a former corporate Banker comes from a rich family . Her father, who is Chinese, made his money in the shipping business, exporting Chinese goods.

This is just like Bush. Appoint a Secretary of Labor that wants to see more things made in China.

The Secretary’s experience in meetings with senior executives has shown her how badly an American that works for a living must smell. Maybe the rich don’t sweat.

The issue is American labor, especially Union labor, challenges corporate authority and attempts to help the workers, not just the CEO.

Tell it to the accountants. No one cares about the quality of work Americans do, it’s about cheap labor period.

On a positive note, some companies are beginning to pull manufacturing back to the USA from China. Some Chinese companies manufacture in the US. The quality in China is bad to worse. Ask the thousands of dead pets.

American workers are more productive and American made products carry a mark of high quality throughout the world.

Her husband, Senator Mitch McConnell is the same senator that led the battle against the Employee Free Choice Act (the bill that would have revolutionized the union movement in this country and helped raise a middle class again without having to spend any tax dollars.

This is the republican creed. Republicans try to divide people by saying that it is the other guys fault, not yours. The Union stole your jobs. If you work, they want you to think that the unemployed did it to themselves and the unemployed want what you have. If your employer decreased or eliminated your benefits or increased your workload, it’s because of greedy Unions and lazy workers. We can thank Ronald with Voodoo economics, and the two Bushes for the following attitudes that they have pushed.

Screw the middle class

Blame the Unions because they show what a good job should be.

Trickle down economics, and you know what trickles down.



Free trade, although Clinton gets some blame for this one too.

Junkie talk show hosts

Republicans call names like anti-American, Union thug, moon bat and all of these names are used to avoid real debate and to divert attention from the real evil going on.

Now I worked myself up and I probably will lose my job because I might have worked up a sweat. Good night, brush your teeth; don’t use the anti-freeze laden Chinese toothpaste. Say good night to Fluffy and Fido if their Chinese pet food didn’t kill them.

Give your kids their medicine and hope it is not a Chinese fake, but at least you can be assured that the fakes and poisons probably don’t smell bad.

What do they put in Chinese deodorant?

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